Monday, 22 November 2010

You feel so daft, don't you?..........

Had a pretty rubbish day yesterday.  I had a stall at Ludlow market and it was bitterly cold - as I was setting up, I somehow managed to fall over on to my left knee. It was really painful, but also very embarrassing!  People were very kind, but I felt so daft! I managed to get some arnica later, and I've been slathering that on - I had a lump on my knee the size of a goose egg!!   The day carried on being a bit rubbish as days go - not many folks buying / really cold, etc.   Ho hum.......

On a cheerier note, I've been making some childrens bags recently -

A while ago, I made this one for one of my daughters -

This was from a tutorial online - I keep trying to post a link, but it won't seem to work. It's a 'basic messenger bag' from mmm crafts- 2009 / 06

And this one is for a friend - (made from a 'thrifted' duvet cover!)


Just been on a quick charity shop trawl.  Got some lovely cups -

and a pretty jug -

A lovely old butter dish - 

and a pretty jug and plate - 

and some cherubs (I love cherubs!!) -

Thanks for popping by - have a good week!

(No grand-daughter yet!)


  1. Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it's feeling a bit better today. Love your bags and those beautiful cups!

  2. Your charity shop haul should make up for your rubbish day and lumpy knee....such pretty things!
    Julie x

  3. Ooh, hope the knee gets better soon! Will miss you on Saturday but hope yours is a massive success!

  4. Bless, you poor thing...I would make sure you milk it and get everyone running around for you!

    I love the bags! I don’t know how you manage to get so many good buys.

    Lou xxx

  5. sorry to hear about your fall- never mind feeling daft, it IS rather a shock for your body.

    Have a nice cuppa tea from one of those lovely charity shop finds (no, not the jug!) and spoil yourself just a tiny little bit!

  6. What a shame - was at Ludlow market the day before! Sorry to miss you.

  7. We visited Ludlow on my birthday earlier this year and went into a craft and antiques market, as well as looking at the farmer's market, I wonder if you were there? Sounds like you had a nasty fall - hope your knee feels better soon:)

  8. Hey there - just popped over to say THANKS for the visit and comment. I just LOVE that notice board in a previous post! The CUTEST pins ever!
    Take Care

  9. Your posts are always full of things I love. Lovely fabrics for the bags. Hope the knee is on the mend. xxx

  10. Take care my friend.....your bags are amazingly lovely....that rose one for your friend makes me happy!

    Today just has to be a better day...hugs. xoxoxo

  11. What `a bunch of lovely items!!!and I'm so glad you get my sense of humor!

  12. Oh my goodness! Your china finds are beautiful! And those bags that you made are gorgeous. What a talented sewer you are.
    Why is it we are so embarassed when we fall? I feel twice at plant nurseries this year and felt like an idiot!
    Thank you for your sweet message at my place.
    hugs to you...

  13. I see you're one of those clever people who makes things and has taste. Bah.