Sunday, 28 April 2013

Picasso faces - and colourful art..........

When we were in Majorca recently, we saw a great little exhibition of faces on plates by Picasso (it was in a room just by the Soller railway station). I thought they were rather wonderful, all the more so for just coming across them like this -

Actually, they weren't all on plates, as I've just remembered! -

I was entranced by them. Do you like them?

He was certainly a remarkable artist

Then, a few days later, in Palma, we saw these artworks in a gallery. The place was just closing - and we were off to catch the bus, so I have no information!  They were very vibrant and exciting -


And, also in Palma, this huge olive tree! - (nature's sculpture) -
Have a good week!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

But it's always good to come home..............

Well, we had a great week in Port de Soller, Mallorca - but it's lovely to be home!  Garden desperately dry, though - I'll need to be out there with the hose for hours tonight!

At Palma airport we took the local No 1 bus to the train station, where we caught the wonderful antique train that winds its way up through the mountains and olive groves and lemon and orange trees, up to Soller, on the north-west of the island -INFO HERE -

 A magical, fragrant journey - the air is suffused with orange / lemon / almond blossom -

Then at Soller, we caught the vintage tram to Port de Soller -

The bay at Port Soller is beautiful - and hugely enhanced by being traffic free, other than the tram. Very quiet -
Our view at breakfast -

We went up into the mountains to see various lovely old towns and villages - Deia (where Robert Graves lived) and Valdemossa (where Chopin and George Sand lived) -

There are some wonderful walks in this area -
We went to some gardens too - Jardines de Alfabia, which was lovely though quite small -

(the interior here was rather fabulous -

And to the Botanic Garden in Soller -

And one day we went back to Palma, but I found that rather overwhelming, although it is a beautiful city
We went to an exhibition of faces by Picasso too, but I'll do another post sometime. I'm conscious of possibly boring with holiday snaps!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Supposed to be sleeping..........

We're off for a week away (yay!!) in Port de Soller in Majorca tomorrow and it's an early flight, so I'm supposed to be having a very early night.............but can't settle.........

Quite sunny at the weekend and more flowers out in the garden - like these muscaris -

Planted up a few pots for some colour too -

The red ranunculus is very cheerful -
While I was taking the photos, I nearly stepped on this fellow! -

Hyacinths in full flower indoors too -
Well, better try and get some sleep. Have a lovely week. 'See' you when we get back. x

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Looking for the pot of gold................

Not been having the best of weeks, so tonight when I looked outside early evening, I was thrilled to see a rainbow. I just love rainbows - and I instantly smiled and felt somewhat better!


The rain we had today was good for the garden -
Found some pretty china earlier in the week -

The jug turned out to have a crack in it, but still pretty -

Well, we've got this little cherub tomorrow for the day, so I'd better get some sleep!
Hope things are OK for you!