Tuesday, 29 March 2011

"Cruel wall - why do you keep two lovers apart?"

Just outside our kitchen, where we have our outside table and chairs, I thought it would be good to have a low wall - to contain the area (and to rest a glass of wine on!)  Mr VTT (not renowned for his building skills; he's a writer) built a wall yesterday -

and I road-tested it tonight! -

Seems to do the job!
Quite a bit of colour showing in the garden now -

Went out plate-hunting (ooo-aar, an old custom round these 'ere parts...) at the weekend, as I needed to put some more cake-stands together -

Found some sweet cups too -

and a pretty chintzy plate -

Looking forward to Thursday, when we go away for a week (Lanzarote) - although will miss baby Ruby -

and her brothers and cousins. Ruby's 5 year old brother  (grandson-who-trampolines - 9.03.11 post)  is also now grandson-who-rides-bike-without-stabilisers - yay!

So, have a good week!   'See you' when we get back.


Friday, 25 March 2011

A frog he would a wooing go......

Well, I said recently that we had no frog spawn in our little pond - and now we're over-run with it - these frogs have been (and indeed are in the photo!) pretty busy -

Have a good weekend!

Abby x

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ludlow Bridge is falling down, falling down........

Thanks SO much for all your kind comments after my last post - I felt quite low for a day or two, even though the weather was great at times - but then yesterday I began to get a really scratchy throat and headache, so perhaps I was going down with something (or, because I was low, I began to go down with something, immune system knocked?) - anyway, don't feel 100% today, but I'm fighting it. Well, actually I'm drinking a glass of wine; I'm sure that'll help!

Did Ludlow market on Sunday and it was OK, but Ludlow's shops and markets trade is suffering at the moment as there's a complicated traffic diversion system in operation while the bridge into town is being repaired, the masonry having started to fall off  - it's going to be closed for a while apparently :(   -

If you're an IKEA Family card holder, you'll have got their Spring mag this week - there's a feature on a blogger - Desiree - http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com/ - it's a cool blog about her house in Amsterdam - if you like that minimalist, industrial style.  I'm sort of drawn to it, but I like colour too much! -

There's a feature on mixing real and artificial flowers too.....hm, not sure about that either -

Bought a cute table mat in Ludlow - in M and Co - looks a bit like Marrimekko? -

 Blogger has me defeated - sorry about lopsided loading!  Feel a bit worn out too - I shall go and have a hot bath / early night! 

(Oh, yes - daughter's dress fitting went well -


Friday, 18 March 2011

Blues and bluebells......

Every so often - usually apropos of nothing - I get the blues. I woke up really early this morning and knew it was going to be one of those days :(       I'm doing Ludlow market on Sunday and I've got lots of china packed ready - but I thought I'd busy myself today, to try and lift my mood - so I decided to see what Spring gardening 'stuff' I might have, to put on the stall.  Found a few things - like this basket and these old pots -

and this wrought iron stand - I think it's for tea-lights, but you could put small pots in it too? - probably to put in a hearth really? -

A wooden tool carrier, and a metal wall candle holder -

Metal pot holders and violas in cups - 

A little decorative bird house, some wall baskets, some trugs - and a little wheelbarrow I 'shabby-chic-ed'! -


A tin jug, and a decorative tin pot -

So, I think the stall could have a bit of a garden theme?

The frogs have been making quite a racket in our little garden pond, but no frogspawn yet -

Saw some bluebells yesterday, as I walked back from town - bit early for them? - my MIL says they're the 'horrid' Spanish ones that are taking over our native ones? -

 Well, I must away to town now - meeting daughter-who's-getting married-soon - for a dress fitting.  I'm sure cappuchino and a cake in town will help my blues!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Grey day - but found some colour.....

It's been just plain grey all day here, but there's some colour showing in the garden -

And I found some colourful things too today, like this little rose jug -

And this pretty duvet set -
Another jug -

And a crinoline lady teapot (these are always popular!) -

Some lovely little cups and saucers -

I love this pink set -

and green Beryl ware set -

I can't say this jug is really to my taste, but hopefully someone will like it! It's in perfect condition -

I shall be taking these to Ludlow market on Sunday or to shop in Leominster, where my space is doing quite well! -

Hope tomorrow's a bit less grey!