Thursday, 28 April 2011

Knit one, purl one.....(and update!)

I'm not really much of a knitter, but a friend showed me a scarf she'd made using Katia Ondas ruffle wool the other day and I had to give it a go.  The wool looks like this -

- and you just cast on 7 stitches and knit away, knitting into the top of the strip of wool  -

The wool opens out like a net as you go (oh, dear - remember next time - Tutorial first, wine later....) -

This is as far as I've got -

I'm looking at it now and realising that I'm really pleased with myself for creating something, and I like the colours - but actually it's not the sort of thing I normally wear! A bit 'Per una'.....

Update - 10.50 pm - just finished scarf!  (started this morning - being doing it on and off) -

Quite pleased with it, actually - 1 ball of wool - £6.99.  And it goes with the green Betty Jackson coat that I never wear / bought from TK Maxx - perhaps I'll wear it now!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Brilliant weather!

Wow - brilliant weather, hey?  Though I gather we're to have thundery rain later in the week. Garden needs rain anyway. It's so dry -

Been off collecting stuff today. Got a couple of child's chairs - 1 wood, 1 wicker -

and some pretty cloths -

Not sure about this one, but hopefully someone will like it -

And I got some more Coronation / Jubilee mugs and plates.  I've been asked to do the shop window this week, with a Royal Wedding theme (I'm quite nervous about this - hope it works out OK!!). This mug was modelled on Charles I think! -

Got 3 nice jugs too and an old cake stand -

Got some cheerful yellow tulips today -


Thanks very much for all your lovely comments re previous (wedding) post. It really was wonderful!

They're having a lovely sunny week in west Wales this week, here -

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I'm all of a fidget!!

For daughter's wedding reception, they've hired a barn and they're going to have two yurts adjoining it - they're just putting it together -


Middle daughter and I have been doing the flowers today - on the tables there'll be little pots of narcissi, so we made the paper 'cases' -

and put the bouquets together -

and the posies to go on the pews -

We're going to try and wire them onto the pews (then cover the wire with ribbon) - anyone got any tips?

Nearly there!

Yesterday, grandson Max said 'I'm going to a wedding on Saturday - are you going?'  I thought I might.........