Thursday, 28 April 2011

Knit one, purl one.....(and update!)

I'm not really much of a knitter, but a friend showed me a scarf she'd made using Katia Ondas ruffle wool the other day and I had to give it a go.  The wool looks like this -

- and you just cast on 7 stitches and knit away, knitting into the top of the strip of wool  -

The wool opens out like a net as you go (oh, dear - remember next time - Tutorial first, wine later....) -

This is as far as I've got -

I'm looking at it now and realising that I'm really pleased with myself for creating something, and I like the colours - but actually it's not the sort of thing I normally wear! A bit 'Per una'.....

Update - 10.50 pm - just finished scarf!  (started this morning - being doing it on and off) -

Quite pleased with it, actually - 1 ball of wool - £6.99.  And it goes with the green Betty Jackson coat that I never wear / bought from TK Maxx - perhaps I'll wear it now!


  1. Your scarf looks very chic - very clever!

  2. I've never come across this yarn before; it looks like a fascinating scarf to knit with that texture and the colour phases.

  3. Well done! This is really amazing! I'm really rubbish at knitting, but I do want to get better. I'll have to try this one out xx

  4. Well I think you are v. clever.

  5. I am very impressed with your scarf and I really like the colours you have chosen too. I don't think I could even manage a tea cosy now, the last time I knitted anything was at school! (not sure if they still teach knitting in school now?)
    Have a lovely weekend, Abby x

  6. Its lovely, how clever and how quick!
    well done you!

  7. Wow! Looks amazing and made in a day too:)

  8. ha! glad I'm not the only one who makes something I'll never wear to accesorize something else I'll never wear!
    Still, I find it comforting to know that I have a complete outfit I'll never wear!


  9. Wear it - the two look fab together. I love how that wool opens out- so pretty.

  10. Well done! I love it - it is special!

  11. Wow! congratulations! You were very good,
    nice job.
    A hug
    Susy x

  12. Hi Abby, that looks fab and so easy too. I love things that knit up quickly. I've seen this wool but didn't realise you knitted it like that. What a brilliant idea, might have to try myself. Lesley x

  13. Soooooh clever!!
    Well done you,
    Helen x

  14. I'm very's lovely! :0)

  15. That is just so fantastic! PS Haven't forgotten your parcel - just been so wrapped up in stuff here. Dxx