Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tilly's first strawberry and Saturday's Castle Green Fair

Tilly had her first visit to a PYO farm this week.........

"What's this, dad?"

"Let's have a taste. Mmm, num, num, num...."
"Yay, I like strawberries!"

They moved house recently, and Tilly has a new bedroom - which she seems to like! -
If you find yourself anywhere near Hereford this coming Saturday (29th), the Castle Green Fair is worth a visit -
Food, music, and stalls.................including mine. I shall have...............
Enamelware -
Wooden steps that fold -

Little cupboards -

Baskets, cloths and blankets -

Barbola wall plaque -

And lots of china and glassware -

Hope it doesn't rain!
I also bought a lovely blue painted console table this week. Looking for things to 'style' it with, to take a pic, I found this old photo of Archie, a grandson - now 9 - when he was about 4. We were visiting Techniquest in Cardiff and he took his glasses off to be face-painted as Batman, then popped them on again! Bless!

Have a good weekend!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Flowers in the house.........

Linking in with Jane at Smallbutcharming HERE  for Flowers in the house -

Lots of flowers in the garden at the moment here, so I'm forever making up posies. This one's pink roses and acid green Alchemilla -

And this one's a mixture - Johnson's Geranium, Astrantia, Alchemilla, white and pink roses, white and pink Valerian, Love in a mist, Scabious -

This one looks pretty on my new shelf unit -

And a simple - but highly scented - jug of honeysuckle -
Some yellow Flag Iris -
All the flowers are from our small garden -
Well, I've been working hard today, so I'm off to have a hot bath, then I shall visit all your Flowers in The House blogs!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Grey, rainy day - but hey.........

For her husband's birthday recently, my middle daughter commissioned a drawing of their three children from a local artist (and friend of daughter!).  I think it's great - she's really captured them -

(The three of them are in this pic from Christmas - Archie and Max with glasses and Ruby in front) -
More info on the artist - Emmie Tallboys - HERE  Her painting work is very striking -

Pretty foul day here today - grey and rainy - so disappointing after a gorgeous sunny day yesterday. Oh well, garden getting a good watering I guess!

We've got an ugly fence on one side of the garden, so I've been putting in evergreens there, to try and cover it - 
I'm not a huge fan of Ceanothus, but it's flowering now - and will hopefully disguise the fence over winter -
- and the bees love it -
Lots of apples on the trees at the moment - hope they survive this year -
Well, better get something done I guess!

Monday, 17 June 2013

"The Audience" NT Live

Went to see The Audience tonight at our local cinema - NT Live broadcast of the West End play, with Helen Mirren as The Queen meeting the (so far!) 12 Prime Ministers of her reign. SUPERB!!   Catch it if you can..................

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rain and flowers and a ladybird.........

Had quite a bit of rain here today - but it's made the garden look quite fresh

Can't wait for these Cerinthe to flower - I haven't grown them before, but admired them in a garden I visited -

Nothing prettier than rain on Alchemilla -

Clematis all appearing -



Been quite busy recently amassing stuff for my stall at the Hereford Castle Green Summer Fair (June 29th). Can barely get into the front room! -

Pleased with these vintage airers I got at an auction this week - always useful to display cloths on -

Well, better get something done!  Have a good week.