Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tilly's first strawberry and Saturday's Castle Green Fair

Tilly had her first visit to a PYO farm this week.........

"What's this, dad?"

"Let's have a taste. Mmm, num, num, num...."
"Yay, I like strawberries!"

They moved house recently, and Tilly has a new bedroom - which she seems to like! -
If you find yourself anywhere near Hereford this coming Saturday (29th), the Castle Green Fair is worth a visit -
Food, music, and stalls.................including mine. I shall have...............
Enamelware -
Wooden steps that fold -

Little cupboards -

Baskets, cloths and blankets -

Barbola wall plaque -

And lots of china and glassware -

Hope it doesn't rain!
I also bought a lovely blue painted console table this week. Looking for things to 'style' it with, to take a pic, I found this old photo of Archie, a grandson - now 9 - when he was about 4. We were visiting Techniquest in Cardiff and he took his glasses off to be face-painted as Batman, then popped them on again! Bless!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Love the pictures of Tilly picking her first strawberries! She is adorable, and so is the photo of your little grandson Archie....really very sweet! You've found some lovely shelves, steps and china! Hope you have a good weekend too, with lots of sunshine.
    Helen x

  2. Awwww, how adorable are Tilly and Archie. Mmmmm drooling over your enamelware. Hope Saturday goes well for you. xx

  3. That strawberry looks picture perfect and that bedroom looks like a child's dream come true! xo

  4. Your grandkids are so cute. The 'first strawberry' picture is a classic. One to treasure!

  5. Good luck at the Fayre. You've got some lovely things to take along. Wish I was nearer!

  6. What gorgeous grandchildren you have! Hope your Fair goes well and if I was there I think the folding green step stool would be straight in my car.
    Julie x

  7. Your grandchildren are adorable ... good luck with the fair ~ Sarah x

  8. Hopefully see you on saturday! xx

  9. First what a sweet angelic face and wow you have some wonderful will be a sell out! Heidi

  10. Hi, I'm a new follower.

    Love the photos of Tilly & her first strawberry and her bedroom is just gorgeous..
    Julie :o)

  11. Gorgeous grandchildren!!!
    I'm loving your enamelware, have recently started collecting pieces, they remind me so much of my childhood. Wish I was at the Summer fair, would've bought all your enamels, wooden steps (been after one for months) and the cupboard. Hope it went well.
    Barrina x