Monday, 7 April 2014

Flowers in the house............

Linking in with Jane at smallbutcharming for Flowers in the House..............

I picked two small bunches of flowers today from the garden - dodging the showers - but there are quite a few pics, due to my new favourite App -

First, a 'pretty in pink' selection - ranunculus, tulip, hyacinth, hellebores, flowering currant, and a heuchera leaf -

Then I 'painted' a few pics, using Waterlogue - 

The second bunch of flowers are more Spring-like, channeling Easter I'd say, especially with green spot Bunny on the scene - daffodils, narcissi, a tulip, muscari, fritillaries and hellebores -
And some more 'paintings' - 

The flowers my daughters gave me for Mother's Day are still going strong - the freesias smell wonderful -

Hope you're having a good week!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The sun has got his hat on.....

Well, the sun has had his hat on here for a few days, but I gather we're in for some heavy rain tomorrow.....oh, well...

It was great at the weekend, to be able to spend lots of time in the garden -

My mother-in-law (recovering well now from her mouth cancer op, though it has made her seem a lot more frail - and she is 92!) bought me a Marsh Marigold for our little pond -

Many, many thanks for all your comments - and a couple of emails - by the way, on my last post. The depressing mood has lifted at the moment, thank goodness. I was reading earlier that low Omega 3 intake can affect mood - and I am vegetarian......

I love watching the Ranunculus unfold - they start off so tight -

then gradually unfold - so many layers! -

My daughters gave me a gorgeous bouquet for Mothers Day - and took me for a lovely Thai meal :)

Tilly's been reacting to the sunshine and rocking a very cool look -

And, yes, I had to use Waterlogue (see previous post) on the pic! -

Hope the week's going well for you!