Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Warm and wet at Womad...........

So - if it's July, it must be Womad - we go every year................ 

This year, there were loads of us - daughters, partners, grandchildren............

Cousins enjoying themselves -

and chillin' -
Tilly chillin' -

Ruby enjoyed boogie-ing -

and Tilly rocked a new hairdo! -
There was hot sun and rain and camping and food and drink and flags and a fairground - and MUSIC!   The Malawi Mouse Boys were cool -
The giant puppets were cool too -
and the giant flowers -
Max enjoyed trying to step into the giant bubbles! -
Arrived home to find lilies out in the garden - gorgeous scent -

And lots of butterflies on the Buddleia and Phlox and bees on the lavender -
So now lots of washing to be done before next week - off camping in Normandy :)
Have a good week!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Vaguely blue..........(no, not me!)

It's my turn to 'do' the window in the shop next week, and I thought I'd do a vaguely blue theme - so I've been collecting together blue china, glassware, etc. And today I found some more pieces, like this funny blue pottery pig -

And his new friend, Blue Cat - (I have to say, I don't really like this, but it'll give the colour I want) -

Some pretty blue glass bowls -

And handpainted china -
I shall put my blue console table in the window, and several smaller white and grey tables -

Tin Horse is unusual, isn't he? -
Found this stained glass butterfly too - very pretty - it's about 8 ins high, and hinged -
Lots of flowers blooming in the garden -

When I water the garden, this little chap likes to be watered too - he sits on a leaf and I give him a shower! -

I've got pots of flowers all over the place -


Treated myself to some new shoes yesterday :) -
And two gratuitous pics of Tilly - one of her at a wedding recently, looking angelic -
And one showing her cheeky side! -
Have a good week!