Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pottering about....................

Good, relaxing afternoon - mostly pottering in the garden. Can't wait for this white rose, newly planted in the Spring, to open -

This philadelphus is just flowering - it smells wonderful -

Not over-keen on Achillea, but these are certainly bright at the moment (I can't stand their smell!) -

Another pretty white rose, smaller flowers on this one -

First sweet pea! -

This little painted table's turned out quite cute -

Pretty teapot from this morning's Car Boot sale - not much else as it was raining, so not many 'boots' -

Evening sun's out now, so might pop outside again!  Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I'm afraid I can't comment..............

I'm afraid I can't comment..............on most people's blogs at the moment..............don't know why - looked up 'help' and got entrenched in disabling browsers and enabling cookies (not the yummy sort :( ), so will need to seek advice from middle daughter's husband-who-knows-about-these-things later........

News here is - Ruby (6 month old grand-daughter) has a tooth! (well, the beginnings of one) -

Remember the bee outfit? -

Got this cute old wooden stool today -
and an old flour tin -
and some 'domestic goddess' pinnies -

Bought this 'sign' too, from TK Maxx -
It 'goes with' quite a few things we've got, so hopefully it'll be allowed! -

Think I'll escape to the garden for a bit with my book, in anticipation - well dread - of this post not working too! -


Any tips / ideas re difficulties leaving comments gratefully received :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Strange goin's on in the 'edges.....

Elaine at Ted and Bunny posted about these ermine moth caterpillar webs recently - (  -and then I saw some in the hedges locally - strange, aren't they? -

Finished painting the small pieces of furniture yesterday -

They're en route to my unit in the shop -

- though this table seems to look pretty good in our hall -

Pretty flowers from the garden -

Have a good week!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Flouncing about...........

Supposed to be painting small pieces of furniture today, but keep getting distracted. Finished the round table - looking good -

Got a few more bits to do -
But, see that sunlight?  It keeps making me want to get out into the garden instead! -

Poppies in the field at the end of the garden, but might not be there much longer - the farmer's busy -
And the flouncing?  Bought this dress last week - it has a hem that can be worn partly gathered up, all gathered, or not at all -
Inside, on the seams of the flared skirt, there are ribbons that you can tie up - or not, depending on how flouncy you feel! -

Neat idea, huh?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Doing a rain dance.....

I'm not a big fan of rain, but the garden's so dry, I have been doing a bit of a rain dance....  Actually, I've been watering the garden and everything looks very clean and fresh now (even the weeds!) so some pics - although no sun, so not brilliant.

This border used to be very dark when we moved here nearly 2 years ago - there was a very thick hedge, which we took out and replaced with a fence. I'd prefer a hedge, but we were doing lots of building work and just wanted something quick. 

Before -
And now (needs to fill out, obviously), but looking better -

The flower bed on the other side -
Herb bed - (Mr VTT grows veg on the allotment) -
Oh, well - no sun and no rain....Better get back to painting - done the undercoat on this table - now for Farrow and Ball Pigeon......

Enjoy your week!