Friday, 6 May 2011

All the fun of the fair...............

We had the May Fair in our town for 3 days this week. There are conflicting opinions on it - it takes over the town centre, with several roads closed, and makes it difficult to get about / it's very noisy and probably shops lose some trade - but, it's exciting and colourful! Took these pics early in the day -

Then later, in a charity shop, I found this cute roundabout -

Hope it rains a lot (but only at night!) this weekend - the garden's so dry -

Some flag iris from the garden -

And some Iris Sibirica from Mr VTT's allotment -

Found a nice little herb container today -

Middle daughter (Ruby's mum) has been making stuff while she's on maternity leave from teaching. I snaffled this felt heart, goes well with the curtains! -

Found this slightly mad baby bee costume today - possibly for Ruby, though she's growing fast! - 

Off to see The Martin Harley Band tonight (With Balalaika, Weissenborn, electric lap steel guitar, double bass and three part harmonies this multi-instrumental band set themselves apart from the norm. Performances at Glastonbury’s Acoustic and Avalon stages have cemented their popularity as part of the UK’s acoustic scene, and the home grown, hard-touring approach they’ve employed over the last eight years has built them a strong fan base worldwide. Their ‘British Americana’ sound is influenced by Delta Blues and Gypsy swing and has produced a road-worn style of song-writing that feels as comfortable as an old pair of shoes you just can’t throw away)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend too, fair looked fabulous! x

  2. Some great finds. We even get a little fair in our village.

    Hope your night out goes with a swing it sounds fun.

    XX Sue

  3. It looks great fun but I know what you mean as we have the Warwick mop and it causes chaos for two weekends every year! isn't that vintage style swings roundabout lovely though!!

    Just saw you have a vintage stall - if you fancy coming to our vintage fair there is a couple of stall still free although they are going fast! See my sidebar! love Annie xx

  4. The fair is very exciting when your young, I remember catching the bus into town when I was 14, it was so load and colorful and there where boy's there!! all very exciting...absolutely hate them now!! Your Garden looks so lovely, it's raining here now, I can hear the garden sighing! xx

  5. It is raining here! I hope you have a fab night out. If only that bee outfit would fit me. :0)

    Lou xxx

    PS. love the heart..

  6. Great pics of the fair, takes me back to my childhood. Love the bee outfit, I think Ruby would look even more cute in it!
    Hope you enjoy your night out, and weekend. Abby x

  7. oooo i love the double bass, hope you have a great night. I also want rain for garden but not when i'm awake... and fairs are fun! xx

  8. Colourful indeed ~ But at least they're all lovely vintage colours! :) Beautiful flowers too! Love Brenda

  9. I love those spinning tea cups - it's the only ride I can cope with! Lovely flowers too - I think we will get our wish with some rain this weekend.

  10. The fair looks great fun, must be very lively and colourful (and noisy!) at night time!
    Lovely heart made by your daughter, perfect with your curtains.
    Flowers look lovely - we had a downpour last night and its warm and steamy outside now - maybe more to come but very welcome really
    Hope you enjoyed the concert - sounds fun!
    Gill x

  11. The historic market town of King's Lynn, not too far from me, has had a mart for 500 years, over the middle and last weeks of February. Originally it was for trading merchants from Italy and Germany as well as other places, but gradually it has come down to a funfair basically, and is traditionally the first venue for the travelling funfairs in the UK. I always find it rather an interesting contrast between the centuries old buildings of different periods which surround the Tuesday Market Place where the mart is held, and the gaudy, brash, loudness of the rides. Luckily it doesn't cause any chaos really other than the market place can't have it's traditional Tuesday Market, and parking isn't available either. But no roads closed and it does bring an awful lot of people, ergo extra trade, into the town centre.

  12. Just found your blog and love it ... am now a follower!

  13. oh I'd love a go in those tea-cups
    xx fee

  14. It all sounds so much fun ESP the live band concert

  15. We have the Statutes Fair once a year in October and it causes mayhem in Burton Upon Trent, but great to see. Love the heart your daughter made and the Irises are to die for, wish I could grow flowers like that. Have a lovely day.
    Jo xx

  16. Loved your colourful pictures of the May Fair. The stitched heart is so pretty too - and your beautiful flowers, and herb container - lovely!
    Have a great week.
    Helen x

  17. Oh I used to love the helter skelter when I was younger , having to lug that heavy wiry mat all the way to the top then having it prickle your bum as you whooshed down .... brilliant.

  18. Your fairground photos are just lovely.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend

  19. I love the May Fair!!!! Oh how I wish we had this in our town!!!
    Looks like great fun!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  20. Oh the little bee costume is sooo sweet ! We have a traditional May Fair on the green with Maypole dancing & crowning of the May Queen. Haven't been to a big fair like that for years though mum & I did walk through the Hall of Mirrors on Southport Pier when we were there !