Thursday, 19 May 2011

Flouncing about...........

Supposed to be painting small pieces of furniture today, but keep getting distracted. Finished the round table - looking good -

Got a few more bits to do -
But, see that sunlight?  It keeps making me want to get out into the garden instead! -

Poppies in the field at the end of the garden, but might not be there much longer - the farmer's busy -
And the flouncing?  Bought this dress last week - it has a hem that can be worn partly gathered up, all gathered, or not at all -
Inside, on the seams of the flared skirt, there are ribbons that you can tie up - or not, depending on how flouncy you feel! -

Neat idea, huh?


  1. Go girl - flounce to your heart's content! Love spotted tea cups and the plate is really pretty!

  2. Hello Abby:
    The painted table looks very good indeed. A perfect size for so many uses and situations and the colour is wonderful. We think that we remember your saying that it was a Farrow and Ball shade. Certainly, the chalky finish and depth of colour would suggest it. Lovely!

    Perfect for the spotty cups and saucers!!

  3. The table looks great and love those spotty tea cups, they are lovely.
    Jo xx

  4. Lovely pics Abby. I especially like the painted table and the dress is rather stunning. Enjoy your flouncing!

  5. Your house looks lovely, the extension has bedded in nicely, just in time for you to enjoy meals al fresco

  6. Your house is gorgeous!! And those spotty cups - bloomin gorgeous x

  7. All just lovely - your house - the view - the table - spotty cups - the dress - AND the weather, sun has got his hat on today here too - hooray!

  8. Nice paint job enjoy your flouncing. Spotty cups are fab.

  9. Oh Momma I love the polka dot cups and saucers and that dress is amazing I love the color.....right up my alley!
    I'm anxious to see your booth!

  10. I love spotty teacups. They are so cute :)

  11. Lots of lovely things on this post... love the F&B paint colour, stunning views from your garden, and beautiful flowers in it, glam dress and of course I love anything covered with spots! ;~) Abby x

  12. oh i love a bit of flouncing me! great dress. x

  13. Your garden is in full bloom! love the dress and what a clever idea!

  14. That table is just lovely, as is your delightful home and garden! What a glorious view of the field and farmer! Love Brenda

  15. What lovely spotty crockery! The dress is great - was it new or a very lucky find? x

  16. Lovely flouncy flowers and flouncy dress! I really like the spotty china too! x p.s (Your husband is a very talented man judging by his website!)

  17. Carrad - the dress was new - but reasonable, I thought - £27.99 - local shop called Wyestyles, the make was Gringo.

    Abby x

  18. Hi Abby I'm not sure about flouncing but love your painted furniture.

    I'm def in the land of the lurgy unfortunely, though I've just managed to quilt the quilt!

    Have a great weekend


  19. Love the little painted table Abby - and thanks for the Anie Sloan tip the other day - am afraid I lost most of the comments to that post when Blogger had that off day, and havent yet managed to get them back.
    Love that flouncy dress - looks wonderful gathered up, the fabric is beautiful.
    Wonderful green dotty china - i want some now!!!
    Thanks for your comment Abby!
    have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  20. Hello, I love the dress, very bohemian. Beautiful spotty cups too.¨
    I wanted to answer your question and was well impressed you have been to Cesky Krumlov, most people only got to Prague which is a shame as I think Cesky Krumlov is beautiful too. Sadly, I don't live near either. We live near Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech Rep. It is still gorgeous though and there are some nice local towns. I sometimes wish I lived in Prague or C Krumlov as there are a lot more english speakers and it is less old fashioned there. Cesky Krumlov is my spiritual home, I love it! Must stop rambling, I should do a post about it. xx

  21. Ooh I love that.... flouncy and then you end up with polka dots ! Lovely !

  22. That skirt is amazing!

    And, like I've said before, your garden is gorgeous xx

  23. Dear Abby
    Thank you for popping by :-)
    How lovely is your decking/summerhouse outdoor space?? I want to sit there and drink tea!
    The dress is delightful - I must remember to wear some floaty dresses rather than the jeans / leggings that motherhood has bestowed upon me ;-)
    And spotty cups - just gorgeous - I love spotty china!
    Happy weekend to you,

  24. So many lovely things today - the pretty table - love the colour and finish - the beautiful flowers, the spotty china (adorable) and the flouncy dress!! I have a skirt that you can do this with - ribbons inside to tie up or not depending on mood being flouncy or not - such a great idea! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  25. Ooh you are making me want to jump on a plane right now and come shopping with you! Just love those spotty cups, my sister is off to Wales in September to visit her hubbys family, I will give her some money to buy me something special at a market over there. :)