Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How 'appy am I?

Well, the Black Dog (of depression) and I have been battling recently.............so I haven't been 'appy. But forced myself to get out of bed each day - even if I was crying - talked to people, went swimming, worked in the garden, tried to read, but couldn't concentrate........anyway, just today BD seems to be heading back to his kennel for a while, thank goodness. Just watched this video

And " 'appy' " ?  Well, it was a tenuous link, but I bought an App for my iPad today that I've been enjoying playing with - Waterlogue - changes your photos into a variety of painting styles. Not a new idea, I know, but it does it well and in an interesting way.  This (out of focus - windy day) pic of a Ranunculus -
became these -

And this crocus -

became these -

(Haven't done much else today - can you tell?!)  Pics of Archie, Tilly and Ruby were Apped -

Hours of fun, ha, ha! 
It's been a bit quiet recently in the vintage shop where I have a unit, so I haven't been buying lots, but I did find this rather lovely little stool - with patterned velvet hexies -

It was only roughly finished off round the edges; I'll need to get some braid to cover it -


Something that did cheer me up was that we have some frogspawn now in our little pond -

Off for a swim; have a good week!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Just a few sunny days...........

Just a few sunny days can make all the difference to one's mood, can't they? (Though sadly it's grey and misty here again at the moment)  The sunshine of the last few days encouraged a lot of flowers in the garden to open up -

There are lots of little Narcissi in the borders and in pots - most of them are from youngest daughter's wedding (table decorations) , a few years ago - see HERE and HERE

I like Buddhas, as you can see....


Lovely sunshine!


Crocuses are always so cheerful, aren't they?

Found a lovely vintage flowery apron in a charity / thrift shop the other day -

Hope you're having a good week!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Quelle bonne idee!

Quelle bonne idee!  Ok, that's enough French!  My French is of the 'quite good by the end of a 3 week camping holiday in France' variety - and we haven't been to France for a couple of years.....  When we are in France, I like to buy "Marie Claire idees" mag - always has lovely, fresh projects and pictures.  I recently found that you can order this and many other mags from Newstand - so I got the current issue -

- and it arrived very quickly, and didn't disappoint. Pages of lovely design ideas -

Cute ideas for mini gardens - (some may wince at the sacreligious use of a book!) -

Some stylish flower pages -

How to crochet with fine wire -

And - astonishingly for a French mag - some vegetarian recipes! - might try this one -

And a feature on Madagascar, which I enjoyed, as we went there in 2007.

The mag pics - and mine -

Fantastic place!
And Tilly has been exploring her arty side (though some of those hand prints look quite large ;) )

Hope you're having a good week!