Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How 'appy am I?

Well, the Black Dog (of depression) and I have been battling recently.............so I haven't been 'appy. But forced myself to get out of bed each day - even if I was crying - talked to people, went swimming, worked in the garden, tried to read, but couldn't concentrate........anyway, just today BD seems to be heading back to his kennel for a while, thank goodness. Just watched this video

And " 'appy' " ?  Well, it was a tenuous link, but I bought an App for my iPad today that I've been enjoying playing with - Waterlogue - changes your photos into a variety of painting styles. Not a new idea, I know, but it does it well and in an interesting way.  This (out of focus - windy day) pic of a Ranunculus -
became these -

And this crocus -

became these -

(Haven't done much else today - can you tell?!)  Pics of Archie, Tilly and Ruby were Apped -

Hours of fun, ha, ha! 
It's been a bit quiet recently in the vintage shop where I have a unit, so I haven't been buying lots, but I did find this rather lovely little stool - with patterned velvet hexies -

It was only roughly finished off round the edges; I'll need to get some braid to cover it -


Something that did cheer me up was that we have some frogspawn now in our little pond -

Off for a swim; have a good week!


  1. I really feel for you with the 'Black Dog' and can empathise fully as you know I struggle too! Please feel free to email me if you just want someone to 'talk' to when you feel this way. That waterlogue app looks fantastic especially the pictures of your grandchildren! They look like story book characters! Nice to see the frogspawn in your pond too. I hope you had a lovely swim.x

  2. Glad to hear that the dreaded black dog is headed back to its kennel! Hope things are looking up now - the painting app looks great. We have frog spawn too - I hope it survives this colder spell:)

  3. That looks like a great app! I like the way it changed your photo's. Hope you will be feeling your old self again soon.

    Take care!

    Madelief x

  4. I'm glad you are starting to feel better! I too have been playing around with waterlogue and have decided to put one of the pics of the garden on a large canvas xx

  5. So sorry you've been feeling down. I know how miserable that can be, and I do hope it passes very soon. Love what you've done with those photos. How lovely that you've got frogspawn, it's great to watch it develop. Hope the rest of the week is good. CJ xx

  6. I've heard of this app, you've done some great things with it!
    Look after yourself x

  7. What a clever app! Pictures look great, and love the little stool Abby. Really sorry things haven't been good recently, but glad to hear you're feeling stronger. Take care xx

  8. The little stool is adorable! ... Hope the black dog has done one, hope you're feeling better, it's a horrid feeling xxx Look after yourself xxx

  9. I always love seeing your flower photos, and it's interesting to see them changed to watercolour paintings with that amazing app! Also a good idea to use it on pictures of your sweet grandchildren! I hope that black dog has disappeared completely, and you are feeling much happier ('appier) now. You are so lucky to have frogspawn in your pond....we're hoping the frogs will arrive back in our pond very soon, now we have fixed it for them!!
    Take care, Abby, and I hope the spring days bring you cheerful feelings.
    Helen xox

  10. Your blog is beautiful and I admire your honesty about the way you're feeling. We should all be more like this. And your photo app is amazing!! May the sun shine on your soul this week :) :)

  11. Abby, so sorry to hear you've been feeling low. I think this time of the year can be hard to get through. I do hope you will be feeling happier soon.
    Your photo app looks like a lot of fun.
    Thank you so very much for the lovely message you left on my blog, I was very touched by it. Hopefully those little tadpoles and flowers in your garden will bring you some joy, and business will pick up for you. I love the little stool you found. Much love to you, Linda xx

  12. Sorry to hear you've been visited by that awful BD Abby, but so pleased to hear you've sent him packing.
    That app looks amazing! Your photos are totally transformed into works of art, so clever!
    I love that little stool you found,so sweet!
    Lets hope the weather warms up again soon and you can enjoy your beautiful garden - its been too chilly again this week, and we even had several hail storms this afternoon here in the SE.
    Take care Abby
    Gill xx

  13. Oh I am sorry to hear that 'Black Dog' has been lurking, I'm lucky in that it's never effected me (yet) but my Mum and husband both took/take medication to help theirs and I see how difficult it can be to continue with 'normal' life when the cloud descends. I hope things continue to improve.

    As for the app and stool, both are lovely. I'm so behind the times, I've never heard of apps that turn photos into art style pieces, I'm off to check it out now! Bethx

  14. I think that App would keep me occupied for hours when I should be doing other things.
    Sorry to hear you've been hounded by the Black Dog (have you read Mr. Chartwell, by the way? Most excellent: a moving and humourous spin on Churchill's BD). He does move on eventually, and doing what you have been is possibly the best way to get him shifting.
    Hope you keep improving. Tonia x

  15. Thanks, Tonia. Hadn't heard of Mr Chartwell - just ordered it from Amazon - thanks, looks interesting. Hope your house move's going well. Abby x

  16. You are very brave and strong, keep talking, writing, gardening, thrifting, swimming, playing and being yourself. These are the things that will polish up the shine on your life. xJ