Monday, 31 January 2011

In the garden, dreaming of George Clooney......

Been in the garden this morning - it was really frosty first thing, then we had quite a bit of sun - hurrah!!   Some bits of colour coming through -

The winter honeysuckle's just coming - smells lovely -

I noticed some crocuses (crocii?) coming through in the park on the way into town -

And I've got some gorgeous tulips to cheer up the kitchen! -

Got a pretty soft blue spotty tablecloth today -

I had to try it out with all the blue / spotty things I've got! -

Got some nice cloths too -

  A tapestry glasses case -

 A wire egg basket -

And a gorgeous crochet blanket -

Off to see George Clooney tonight in 'The American' :)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A wedding dress.....a Tea Dance.......and a little bird....

Went to Ludlow today, to deliver some cakestands to Pepper Lane Vintage - a great vintage clothes shop - for a 1940s Tea Dance they're hosting on Sat (29th) at Craven Arms Community Centre, Shropshire -

I parked near The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow (described in the New York Times as 'the most handsome inn in the world') - amazing building, isn't it? -

Even the banks in Ludlow are housed in great buildings! -

On the way home, I managed to find a few treasures - a good basket, some pretty cloths, and two cheese dishes -

The one on the right looks rather mouse-shaped?! -

A silver plated cake plate -

 And this....for? -

And a cute little (non-vintage!) bird -

And the wedding dress?  Youngest daughter is getting married in the Spring and went to try on her dress this week - so we went too - lovely shop (White Minx) -

I 'specially like this shop because they bought one of my cakestands to display jewellery on! - 
And the dress? -

Pretty lovely, huh?

And Ruby slept through it all! -

Had some lovely post yesterday - ordered through Etsy from Helen Hallows - this ceramic tile coaster -

And I'm sure Spring is on its way! 

Monday, 24 January 2011

Pretty china......................

Got some pretty china today -

 Only 3 cups, sadly -

Spent some time in the garden late afternoon - fired the chimenea up -

Noticed some snowdrops appearing - 

And found Wire Rabbit behind the compost! (lost him last summer!) -

Went to a friend's surprise birthday meal in Woodstock, Oxford on Saturday - very smart B+B /place for private functions - The Marlborough Arms -   (I wore the first necklace (previous post) and got several compliments :) ). The cake looked amazing and tasted delicious - white chocolate, cream, soft cake base, fresh berries, etc.....

And Ruby thought she'd pop in here to say hello! -

Have a good week!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

This one's not for you, Goldilocks......

Got a sweet little (doll - or teddy - sized) chair yesterday -

And a pretty embroidered cloth too - I often get asked for long ones, but don't see them so much -

Beautiful sun this morning - lovely shadows in the sitting room -

Even sat outside for a while (been dying to do this since the building work was done!) -

Yes! - it was worth all that (building work) disruption! -

And finally finished a dress I started last year!!  Meant to look a bit White Stuff...?...... ;)

Bought a lovely indoor jasmine this morning - come on buds, open! -