Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tick, tock, new clock.........and busking......

Visited lots of charity (thrift) shops today, but came away virtually empty-handed - very unusual for me!! Got some pretty old cloths -

and lots of toys, but not much else.  BUT, got a lovely, ceramic clock (in a shop in a sale) that I think looks good in our new kitchen / dining /sitting room extension -

- seems to blend in well -

 I also got an embroidered picture that I think will please a friend of mine whose birthday's coming up - she loves India - and this is like a henna-ed hand (it looks shiny, as it's shrink-wrapped - it's a slub-silk type material) -

AND - it was in the sale at Dunelm and was only £1.99!!!!!!


Went to Habitat in Cheltenham recently - they had this wonderful cascading display inside! -

And this chap was busking - brr - cold knees! -

Do you have buskers in your city, town, village...?    Do you give them anything?

Saw this chap a while ago - at one point, his mobile phone went off, he stopped playing the guitar and answered it, while the mechanical character played on!! -

When I went past the duckpond earlier, collecting a grandson from school, there were a lot of ducks gathered in one small area (it's a very big pond).  As I got nearer, they flew off and I realised they'd all been sitting on this! -


  1. Lovely cloths rather good for a bad day.
    Roll on the boot fairs.
    I love the duckless picture shame you didn't get them on the sign :)
    Cate x

  2. The clock blends in perfectly!

  3. How can you say you were almost empty handed...lovely cloths..

  4. Sounds like you had a great day! I love your green clock sometimes I really have to be in the mood to thrift where shopping for new is always a good time! We have the guys that hold signs up on street corners begging for food then you usually see them buying alcohol....sad!

  5. I bet he had more than cold knees. You should have had a look, I bet he was quite shrivelled! xxx

  6. What a lovely day...lovely treasures you found my friend. xoxoxo Silly ducks!

  7. the clock looks perfect- isn't it lovely to find the right thing at the right time when you WANT it, and not 2 years later when you've changed the colourscheme!

  8. Hello Abby,
    next time take me with you in charity?
    I have a craving!
    A hug

  9. I ought to go shopping - but it feels like a chore at the moment. I am planning to take myself off to Barnsley Market on Saturday though - might have to call in at Dunelm on the way home. xxxxx

  10. Love youe new clock, especially the colour. Those cloths are pretty too. You have just reminded me of some I have hidden away, I will have to get them out.
    Thanks for your lovely comment. We are very excited about the new arrival and should find out what flavour in a weeks time. I'll be able to get out the knitting needles then!

  11. Your new clock fits in perfectly. I have several cloths like those that came from my Aunt's house - she loved to embroider - they are packed away in a blanket box - I get them out sometimes to have a look at them. We have a busker or two up in the city centre; one is very well known locally he plays the saxaphone and has a puppet of himself who dances as he plays.

  12. loving the clock....brilliant colour too....hope you have a lovely new year, your husband's books look very interesting, am keen to see what the new one will be like as women in the second world war is a favourite topic!!

  13. I always give to buskers - just can't walk past one without feeling obliged to donate!! I really love the duck story - it is hilarious and sweet at the same time!! love Annie xx

  14. That clock is perfect...good job you went out shopping. Love the duck tale too,
    Julie x

  15. Can you imagine how long it must have taken to put together that display in Habitat?
    We don't have any buskers, can't remember when I last saw one, probably about five years ago in Cambridge.
    And the clock is lovely.

  16. hello

    i have seen your comments on some of my friends blogs and thought i would come and have a look at yours.
    i definitely like what i see! it's a lovely place. i will certainly continue to drop by x

  17. When I go on the lookout for things..I never find them,it's always when I least expect it that I find a gem!
    You did well with your finds.We get the odd busker in our town,but I think it's been too cold for them recently!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  18. I always stop and listen to buskers. I just love it, hearing music in the street. I'll stand there for a good half hour if they're good, and then, yes, I will give them some money, seeing as they've provided me with a free concert!

  19. Funny tale of the busker with his mechanical friend! Creepy friend I think!!! If only ducks could read!!! x

  20. I was going to visit my favourite charity shops yesterday but it was so so cold I came home.