Monday, 31 January 2011

In the garden, dreaming of George Clooney......

Been in the garden this morning - it was really frosty first thing, then we had quite a bit of sun - hurrah!!   Some bits of colour coming through -

The winter honeysuckle's just coming - smells lovely -

I noticed some crocuses (crocii?) coming through in the park on the way into town -

And I've got some gorgeous tulips to cheer up the kitchen! -

Got a pretty soft blue spotty tablecloth today -

I had to try it out with all the blue / spotty things I've got! -

Got some nice cloths too -

  A tapestry glasses case -

 A wire egg basket -

And a gorgeous crochet blanket -

Off to see George Clooney tonight in 'The American' :)


  1. Lovely little things and the tulips?
    beautiful color. Enjoy
    George Clooney tonight eh eh!

  2. Beautiful vintage cloths and crocheted blanket. We had a little sun today, but it is still very cold! :O(

  3. What lovely sunshine it was too. Love the blue jugs.

  4. Love love your spots Momma and George in the garden,hmmmm!
    Yes my George was in a tutu he's our little Ruby right now!
    He's probably thinking I survived a stick in my throat to get shoved in a tutu!!!

    P.s. is your tablecloth new or vintage??

  5. Beautiful spotty stuff and I love your tulips.

    Not one crocus spotted yet - I'm on the look out though.

    Nina xxx

  6. Such pretty things, especially the blue spotty jug! Enjoy the film:)

  7. I'm dotty over anything spotty :) Love the colours of the crochet blanket ~ gorgeous stuff. Hope you enjoy your night at the flicks x

  8. Goodness, what wonderful treasures! The flowers are lovely. When the crocus start popping up 'round here, we call it "Crocus Pocus!" because they pop up so suddenly like magic!

  9. Gosh, there is sooo much to love about this post. The piccy of the tulips is lovely and the spotty things are fab particularly the tablecloth and the first jug you've shown. Love the colours of the crocheted blankie. Hope you enjoyed the film. xx

  10. Love the tulips. So pretty. Lx

  11. what a lot of lovely things didn't you do well your tulips look lovely the colour is so pretty loving the tablecloth and the crochet blanket
    xx fee

  12. Love all your goodies, especially the crocheted blanket.

  13. It is great to see the flowers peeking through, mine are slowly making an appearance. Your tablecoth is such a pretty colour.

  14. Doesn't it feel great to see the start of spring flowers. I'm still waiting for the snowdrops to flower...shouldn't be too long now.
    Just found your lovely blog...will be back to read more.

  15. Sorry - but George is mine. Ask him. xxx

  16. Lovely spots!
    And it's nice to se some flowers in that cold weather.

  17. I LOVE spotty things! But the granny square blanket makes my heart flutter....all the ones I find are made with flourescent acrylic - two things I cannot stand!