Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A wedding dress.....a Tea Dance.......and a little bird....

Went to Ludlow today, to deliver some cakestands to Pepper Lane Vintage - a great vintage clothes shop - for a 1940s Tea Dance they're hosting on Sat (29th) at Craven Arms Community Centre, Shropshire -

I parked near The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow (described in the New York Times as 'the most handsome inn in the world') - amazing building, isn't it? -

Even the banks in Ludlow are housed in great buildings! -

On the way home, I managed to find a few treasures - a good basket, some pretty cloths, and two cheese dishes -

The one on the right looks rather mouse-shaped?! -

A silver plated cake plate -

 And this....for? -

And a cute little (non-vintage!) bird -

And the wedding dress?  Youngest daughter is getting married in the Spring and went to try on her dress this week - so we went too - lovely shop (White Minx) -

I 'specially like this shop because they bought one of my cakestands to display jewellery on! - 
And the dress? -

Pretty lovely, huh?

And Ruby slept through it all! -

Had some lovely post yesterday - ordered through Etsy from Helen Hallows - this ceramic tile coaster -

And I'm sure Spring is on its way! 


  1. What wonderful buildings, & the dress is gorgeous!!!

  2. She looked so beautiful....and you are finding some amazing treasures i love that plate with the flowers and the 4 little holes!

  3. Wonder that the two port cheese
    . why not photographers
    your bench, I would love to see him,
    who knows how wonderful!
    A hug

  4. I once went to Ludlow for the day with work (it was a very long day! ) I must put it on my list of places to visit again. Gorgeous finds and she is going to make a beautiful bride. xxxx

  5. What a gorgeous looking place Ludlow is. Love the little birdy ~ I have a 'thing' for birdy's and owl's at the moment. Your daughter looks beautiful in her dress, congratulations xx

  6. Lovely pics. I think the plate with 4 holes once held egg cups (?). Your daughter's dress is stunning.

  7. Your daughter looks stunning, let's hope for a warm day!

  8. I am fancying an afternoon like this Been a while since I "did" the charity shops! A basket would be good too for my daily shopping!

  9. Ludlow looks well worth a visit!
    You daughter looks beautiful.

  10. Beautifuly picture of your daughter! I remember trying on my wedding dress for the first time! Fingers crossed for fine weather.

  11. Love the mouse shaped cheese dish, and I also think that plate with the four holes was either used for egg cups or perhaps salt, pepper, mustard and another condiment pot?? Lovely pictures of your daughter trying on her wedding dress..absolutely stunning, seems a long time ago for Andy and me.
    Jo xx

  12. I love Ludlow - visited on my birthday last year - the buildings are wonderful. Must visit again soon. The wedding dress is beautiful:)

  13. Ludlow looks fantastic. I love those buildings.

  14. Oh the wedding dress! It is so lovely - in particular I like the ruching at the front - fab!
    So exciting - I hope all the plans are coming together :-)
    Denise x

  15. What pretty cheese dishes...great shapes. Don't think I have seen a "mouse" shaped one before!
    Your daughter looks fab in her exciting for you all.
    Julie x
    Love Ludlow too....

  16. Just looked at the Monsoon dress - it is gorgeous! Lovely design and colours.
    I guess it is a lot of money, but that's the price of new dresses nowadays ...
    I wonder if you have a Monsoon outlet shop, or if you're near an outlet village?
    In this part of the world we have a good outlet village in Street, and they have a fab Monsoon shop with ever so many perfect outfits for Weddings, etc :-)
    Have a lovely weekend!
    D x

  17. spring? yes please.....hope the wedding is when it's a bit warmer...looks stunning!!

  18. What a pretty town and all your treasures are fab!
    Your girl looks just beautiful, how exciting!

  19. Your daughter looks so beautiful!
    And Ruby - she is like a little angel, while she is sleaping.

  20. Lots of lovelies in this post - the dress is gorgeous & your daughgter will make a stunning bride. Ludlow shops look like Liberty. I love the wee birdy. I can't think what the pretty green plate would be for four cupcakes ?

  21. I love those old buildings and I do hope Spring comes sooner rather than later. The plant is a mock orange by the way .

  22. Hello, I can’t get over how much Ruby has grown! And as for the wedding dress.....your daughter looks stunning in it. As always you have found some fab treasure.

    Lou xxx

  23. wonderful news
    and your little girl looks so pretty in her dress

  24. Sounds like such a lovely day! You do live in a nice part of the world... and I love the treasures that you bought, the basket looks really useful and I adore the little bird! So exciting that your daughter is getting married, the dress is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Sarah x

  25. I love Ludlow and you have found such beautiful things there, vintage and none vintage.