Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A few 'finds'........

Found a few pieces for my unit today - this tiny (about 18 ins high) old 'mini' dresser -

It would look cute with a doll's tea set on it; I haven't got one at the moment, though it can also take small cups, like these Coalport ones -
Found a small 'torso' / bust too - to display jewellery -

And a sweet doll's wicker crib -

I liked this quite large (Chinese) enamel bowl too -

Always pleased to find pretty cloths -

and pretty cups and saucers.  None of these match, but they're still lovely! -

(photo steadfastly refusing to be turned round, sorry!)

Found a great birthday card for one of my sons-in-law, who comes from Manchester (he's an Art teacher, so will appreciate it) -


And this morning, I saw the first snowdrops in the garden - always such a welcome sign!

Have a good week!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy 91st birthday!

Today is my Mother-in-law's 91st birthday. Although we'll be having a family 'do', she occasionally looks at my blog, so I thought I'd surprise her!  She's a lovely person -

She's a painter, though does less now. Here are a couple of her flower paintings -
Happy Birthday, Peggy X

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

52 weeks of happy - week 3

I've recently had to change to uploading photos for posts from Picasa - couldn't seem to do it as I had done previously. This seemed a nuisance, but today I've explored Picasa a little and played around with collages, etc.    Old hat to most of you I know!
Linking in with littlebirdie
In playing around with my photos, I found that looking at pics of holidays really made me happy!  I went to Morocco last year with a friend. We flew to Fez, stayed there a few days, then took the train (the Marrakesh Express!!) down to Marrakesh. The train journey was just great, and I really enjoyed the holiday. But - as soon as I came back, I was really ill - in bed for over a week. But now I've got some distance from that (it really was horrendous), I can look at the photos again!
And looking ahead to this year, we've recently booked Easyjet flights and a hotel in Port Soller, Majorca in April - makes me happy to anticipate! -
Ruby and Tilly continue to make me happy of course, although I haven't seen them as much as usual this week, because of the snow. Tilly can sit on her own now -
Finally got out in the car today, having been anxious about driving in the snow, in search of stock for my unit in a vintage shop. But, sadly, not a lot to be found today. However, I did find a nice cardigan / jacket in a charity shop - which seems to go with about half my wardrobe! (I seem to wear pinky purple or turquoise!)  It hangs well and looks better on than in these pics -
Bought some lovely pale pink tulips too - and sought out tiny hints of colour in the garden -
Have a good week!

Friday, 18 January 2013


Woke up to a snowy garden this morning - I love how snow makes the familiar look so fresh and new

(He's a wire dog, by the way - cut the call to the RSPCA.....)


This is my morning-cup-of-tea spot - but maybe not today! -


Brrr!!!!  Back inside, I think!

(Paper birds from BAILEYS


Well, no grandchildren to look after today, because of the snow, so I'm wasting time doing really useful things like organising my jewellery colour-wise ( ;) ) -

Well, better get something more meaningful done!  

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

52 weeks of happy - 2 / 52

Linking in with - HERE - more happiness!

Lovely sunrises this week, which can't fail to be a good start to the day! This photo doesn't do it justice, but on this morning, the sun was bright and glowing orange, emerging from frosty mists.....or misty frosts.....!     Anyway it was lovely -

We've had a tiny bit of snow recently - and some heavy frosts - but it's cheering to see bulb shoots coming through in the garden. I know Spring's many weeks away, but at least there are little hints! -
We now look after our two grand-daughters (Ruby (2) and Tilly (7 mths) ) on Fridays, so I suspect my '52 weeks' might almost always have a photo of these two, as they are happiness personified! 
And lastly, booked a couple of nights away in early February in Stratford-on-Avon and tickets to see The Winter's Tale (with music by Bellowhead's Jon Boden). Something to look forward to! -

(Got quite a good deal on the hotel - a friend sent me a link, apparently from Woman and Home magazine - http://www.pumahotels.co.uk/offers/item/shop-woman-home-offer )

Sunday, 13 January 2013

A brief visit to Ledbury............

Went over to Ledbury the other day - it's a lovely market town, with some interesting shops. I wasn't there very long, but I took some pics of two of my favourites. They're both just off the high street, down alleyways. The first shop has its name on the pavement, just as you enter the alleyway -

Then you carry on down the medieval alleyway -
passing old doorways -

and then suddenly - Kapow!! -

- you're at the shop, which is an amazing building in itself, but particularly so in this medieval setting - like a landed UFO. It was pretty grey the day I was there, but on sunny days, it really gleams! -

They sell gorgeous stuff - beautiful material, lights, etc - more info (and better pics!) HERE

Ledbury has a lovely old Market House, built in 1617 -

The other lovely shop-down-an-alleyway in Ledbury is Hus and Hem -

Again, lovely (Scandi)  things to buy!  More info HERE

Hope you're having a good weekend!