Friday, 18 January 2013


Woke up to a snowy garden this morning - I love how snow makes the familiar look so fresh and new

(He's a wire dog, by the way - cut the call to the RSPCA.....)


This is my morning-cup-of-tea spot - but maybe not today! -


Brrr!!!!  Back inside, I think!

(Paper birds from BAILEYS


Well, no grandchildren to look after today, because of the snow, so I'm wasting time doing really useful things like organising my jewellery colour-wise ( ;) ) -

Well, better get something more meaningful done!  

Have a good weekend!


  1. Have a good weekend where you are too, the snow is settling in fast here. Just ordered the groceries on Ocado, just in case. Feeling like it is going to be quiet weekend.

  2. OOh Im so envious, you have snow!!!

  3. We have huge drifts of snow in our garden this morning after the winds of yesterday afternoon so it almost seems to have changed shape. I love your paper birds:)

  4. Hello
    Iam so glad you have found me you are very welcome..Thank you for your kind words
    Thea x