Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A few 'finds'........

Found a few pieces for my unit today - this tiny (about 18 ins high) old 'mini' dresser -

It would look cute with a doll's tea set on it; I haven't got one at the moment, though it can also take small cups, like these Coalport ones -
Found a small 'torso' / bust too - to display jewellery -

And a sweet doll's wicker crib -

I liked this quite large (Chinese) enamel bowl too -

Always pleased to find pretty cloths -

and pretty cups and saucers.  None of these match, but they're still lovely! -

(photo steadfastly refusing to be turned round, sorry!)

Found a great birthday card for one of my sons-in-law, who comes from Manchester (he's an Art teacher, so will appreciate it) -


And this morning, I saw the first snowdrops in the garden - always such a welcome sign!

Have a good week!


  1. What super things, the mini dresser is gorgeous.

  2. You have found so lovely treasures..I love thrifting
    Thea x

  3. So many lovely finds, I especially like the unique Birthday card you found for your son-in-law...so very special. xo

  4. so pleased that you're blogging again, I've missed the photos of your lovely finds, especially the pretty cloths

  5. Hello:
    You are not at all short of some very interesting and pretty things which, we should imagine, will be rapidly snatched up.

  6. You have found some delightful things to sell, love the pretty cups and saucers. The snowdrops are beautiful:)

  7. I came back from walking the dog this morning to see the first heads of snowdrops under the apple tree. Was very heartening to see amongst all the mud. Oh. So very much mud!

  8. I think I need to go snowdrop hunting soon as I've not seen any yet.

  9. Gosh you did do well! How lovely to find snowdrops too.

  10. You found some wonderful things! I love the little dresser, the doll's crib and the sweet china! Lovely to see the first snowdrops, too.
    Helen x

  11. Some brilliant finds! Love the sweet mini-dresser, and the china and embroidered linens are lovely.
    That card is stunning - so clever - I'm sure your son-in-law will love it.
    Happy Weekend!
    Gill xx

  12. Lovely things Abby, the card is absolutely stunning, perfect for an art teacher.
    Jo xx

  13. I love the little dresser and the card is gorgeous.
    The blousy tulips are beautiful too! No snowdrops in our garden ... it's still a mudbath :(
    M x