Sunday, 3 February 2013

Flowers in the house

Linking in with SmallButCharming - Flowers in the House -

Some blowsy tulips -

Brazen hussies, aren't they?! -
and some pretty little irises -

Rather more prim than the tulips! -
A teeny tiny posy from the garden, in a teeny tiny jug -

And cheerful yellow daffodils -
(Lovely wooden birdcage courtesy of Julie at The Cloth Shed )


  1. A cheerful sight first thing on a Monday!

  2. Hello Abby:
    Spring flowers are indeed the most joyous of all, particularly coming after the colourless days of winter.

    The miniature irises are so sweet, something which we also grew in containers during our Herefordshire gardening days.

  3. As always I learn from you and the Hattatt's, i had no idea iris could be forced. Sweet.
    I too have a vase of orange tulips but mine are all standing at attention like little soldiers.

    I want them blowsy like yours.
    sharing the floral wealth.

    xo Jane
    Thanks for

  4. They are all so pretty! The irises are so sweet, the daffodils cheerful, and I adore your posy.

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous, I love the blowsy tulips and the gentle blue iris but then all of the flowers are so cheerful too:)

  6. They are just beautiful...signs of spring! Heidi

  7. Oh I just love those orange tulips! All of your photos are so pretty - and I love the bouquet in your blog header. :o)

  8. All of your bouquets are fabulous - and the little vases add so much to the flowers.

  9. Normally, I would be ga-ga about the tulips, but those iris! the color (or colour)! just wonderful.

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. happy day!

  10. Oh, spring flowers! Aren't those tulips and irises just so very beautiful. The promise of things to come!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love meeting through Jane's Flowers in the House!

  11. I'm drooling over those tulips, what a color. The posy is a perfect little flower.

  12. Your pic say spring to me. The flowers are so beautiful.

  13. Blowsy's orange tulips! I love it when they dance around.

  14. Those irises are gorgeous! I love seeing all the winter flowers while we're in such full on summer!

  15. Love all these spring flowers. Not much happening here in the heat!
    Penny x