Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nothing but blue skies..............

Lovely blue skies today (though very cold!) -

I usually go to Abergavenny (Y Fenni in Welsh) on a Wednesday - and always pass this little church at Llangua - v pretty -

Found some good things today - bit of a flowery theme..... A pretty tin jug with fabric roses, and a rosy half moon rug - (not long 'til Valentine's Day) -

The rug looked better after a surface wash -

Found a pretty china jug, too, though it is chipped (and it doesn't have the bowl!) -

A lovely embroidered bed cover caught my eye - though I had thought it was much older than it seems. The hand embroidery is beautiful, but the fabric seems fairly modern -

Pretty flowers, though -

And a useful little side table, painted -

Hope you're having a good week!


  1. Hi Just popped over from mums simply living blog. You got some lovely finds, the rug is gorgeous.

  2. The bedspread is really lovely - what a long time it must have taken someone to embroider! The rug makes me think back to how much wanted a rug-making kit when I was a child of about nine - I never did get one though! Looks like a lovely drive out, and what a beautiful day.

  3. Some good finds again there. The bed cover is beautiful, what a labour of love that must have been.

  4. What great treasures you have found. The flower jug and rug look like they were meant to go together.

  5. You always find such pretty things on your travels. The little church looks as if it is quite a walk from the nearest village:)

  6. The little church is so pretty.. and the bedcover is lovely!

  7. Lovely finds indeed. Thank you for sharing them and your Welsh Wednesday stroll is beautiful. I do wish I lived close enough to view that little church in person. Nice weather you are having ~ we just embarked on the start of a Nore Easter here in our parts of New England just flurries at the moment .They are predicting 3 inches per hour by later in the day perhaps 2 ft on the ground by the morn and storm winds tonight ...but I plan on enjoying it in all its glory. New to blogging so perhaps the storm will give me a story to share !

  8. Gorgeous finds! Love the photo of the blue sky, not seen anything like that for weeks here! Lizzie

  9. I know it is not likely, but if you ever decide to part with that rug, I would be willing to buy it. It is exactly what I'm looking for for in front of my mantel. What a lovely find! ♥

    And the embroidered cloth in your banner at the top is so charming. 'Nothing like a cottage. :)

    Best Wishes,