Tuesday, 22 January 2013

52 weeks of happy - week 3

I've recently had to change to uploading photos for posts from Picasa - couldn't seem to do it as I had done previously. This seemed a nuisance, but today I've explored Picasa a little and played around with collages, etc.    Old hat to most of you I know!
Linking in with littlebirdie
In playing around with my photos, I found that looking at pics of holidays really made me happy!  I went to Morocco last year with a friend. We flew to Fez, stayed there a few days, then took the train (the Marrakesh Express!!) down to Marrakesh. The train journey was just great, and I really enjoyed the holiday. But - as soon as I came back, I was really ill - in bed for over a week. But now I've got some distance from that (it really was horrendous), I can look at the photos again!
And looking ahead to this year, we've recently booked Easyjet flights and a hotel in Port Soller, Majorca in April - makes me happy to anticipate! -
Ruby and Tilly continue to make me happy of course, although I haven't seen them as much as usual this week, because of the snow. Tilly can sit on her own now -
Finally got out in the car today, having been anxious about driving in the snow, in search of stock for my unit in a vintage shop. But, sadly, not a lot to be found today. However, I did find a nice cardigan / jacket in a charity shop - which seems to go with about half my wardrobe! (I seem to wear pinky purple or turquoise!)  It hangs well and looks better on than in these pics -
Bought some lovely pale pink tulips too - and sought out tiny hints of colour in the garden -
Have a good week!


  1. Exploring Piccasa is on my 'to do'list.

    1. Well worth doing - but I've spent quite a lot of time on it today!

  2. What lovely 'happy' photos. I love the colours you have put with your new jacket and also the colours in your flower pics. It's good that you can now remember the good things of your holiday:)

  3. What cute photos. Glad you were able to get out. I just drive slowly don't care who's behind.

  4. Great photos but those little sweethearts stole the show again!!! Heidi

  5. Wonderful collages!
    Love the cardi/jacket you found - goes wonderfully well with all those different tops.
    Sweet photos of your grandchildren!
    Gill xx

  6. Your photo collages are wonderful! I loved seeing the cheerful and colourful images, and it's definitely good to look forward to summer and holidays when all is chilly and wintery! I love the photos of your sweet grandchildren....the little rosy centre picture is especially adorable!
    Have a happy evening!
    Helen x