Friday, 4 January 2013

Narcissi and a dragonfly.....

Had hoped to 'jolly up' my unit in a vintage shop in Leominster this week, which I feel is looking a bit jaded -

but I've been sideswiped by a nasty cold - endless coughing and sneezing :(. Finally got out today, but only managed to find one new thing - this side table, with rather curvaceous legs! -

I did find a lovely old wooden stool just before Christmas -

Bought some gorgeous narcissi today, which are just filling the kitchen with their scent -
and cheering me up -

My amaryllis is getting pretty top heavy! Bit of a brazen hussy! -

This woven dragonfly was made by a guy on Ludlow market - its going to go in the garden when the rain stops!

Hope you're having a good day!


  1. Love your curvy table and am now thinking I need to get some Narcissi too to brighten up our kitchen on this grey day. M x

  2. Love that blue dish and I agree that table is fab!!!

  3. Those narcissi look so pretty and cheerful and I love the dragonfly. Hope you feel better soon:)

  4. I love all your finds. I have now got the dreaded cold too,isn't it a pain. The dragonflies would look lovely in a mixed bed, some people are do damned inventive.

  5. Who can resist a table with such curvaceous legs - no wonder the Victorians put skirts on theirs! Lovely narcissi: my hyacinths are fully open now and making the entire house smell wonderful.

  6. I hadn't realised you were back so have been catching up on your posts. I love your daughter's wedding outfit, so perfect for a winter wedding. I like the stool in your last post too and don't narcissi smell fabulous?

  7. what a lovely table and those flowers how could you ever be glum after looking at them