Monday, 24 January 2011

Pretty china......................

Got some pretty china today -

 Only 3 cups, sadly -

Spent some time in the garden late afternoon - fired the chimenea up -

Noticed some snowdrops appearing - 

And found Wire Rabbit behind the compost! (lost him last summer!) -

Went to a friend's surprise birthday meal in Woodstock, Oxford on Saturday - very smart B+B /place for private functions - The Marlborough Arms -   (I wore the first necklace (previous post) and got several compliments :) ). The cake looked amazing and tasted delicious - white chocolate, cream, soft cake base, fresh berries, etc.....

And Ruby thought she'd pop in here to say hello! -

Have a good week!


  1. I love your china what gorgeous designs, these are a great find! My in-laws have a chimenia just like this one.. aren't they fabulous? It's great they enable you to still sit out in the garden even when it's freezing! Mind you, hopefully the lovely signs of snowdrops and new shoots mean that it shouldn't be cold for long. Ruby is utterly adorable! Sarah x

  2. busy weekend, the china looks very pretty and so does Ruby.

  3. I'm glad Wire Rabbit has been found. I'd hate to think of him festering somewhere for the whole of the year.

  4. Very pretty china. Glad you had a lovely time and wore the first necklace - the cake looks wonderful I wouldn't have wanted to cut into it.

  5. Very pretty china, cute cute baby!xxx

  6. Dear Abby,
    Lovely china - love the first plates with their uneven lines!

    I see that you have been busy posting several lovely posts while I have been "blog absent", and what a lovely patio you have outside your new extension - it really screams "come and soak up the sun here", and just the right distance from the kettle, too! ;-)

    You made that dress yourself? Wow. Yes, very "White Stuff", but even lovelier as it is "Abby's Stuff". The dress you wore to the party looks fab too, as do the matching necklace, the oh-so-yummy cake and of course... Ruby, what a sweetie!

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving lovely traces - always so nice to see you there!

    Wishing you a lovely week,

  7. The china reminds me of tea at my grandmother's - she did a great afternoon tea.
    Glad the rabbit turned up ! I've noticed some tete a tete trying to appear in my garden ( where the hens can't go ) Ruby is a sweetie

  8. How super that you were actually in the garden today...its -20 here with tons of snow. Like the violet china.

  9. Lovely china. I can't decide which is my favourite! Ruby is sooooooo cute.

  10. Hello Ruby! What a little cutie :) I have the top plates, and also a set in a pattern very similar to (if not the same as?) your set of 3 cups. Lovely buys! x

  11. Wow, she's growing fast....big kiss for her X. It was warmer out than in today I thought. xxx

  12. Lovely lovely things. What a great week. xx

  13. I love coming over- of course to read your posts- but also because I love your header photo- it always cheers me!

  14. Love those cups, glad you had a nice evening out x

  15. Snowdrops does this mean Spring is nearly here ?
    lovely china and yummy looking cake
    Cate x

  16. Hello to miss ruby, I love your china. I loved your comment on a previous postof mine you made me laugh!!!Hugs

  17. I love the plates in the second photo!
    The lambs ears have started coming up around here, no snowdrops yet.

  18. hello Ruby :o)

    the first snowdrops are such a joy. i haven't seen any here yet.

    love the china x


  19. I honeymooned in Alaska at my parents fishing lodge along with my brother-n-law. Not quite the romantic trip I had in mind oh well he owes me big!!! anyway my hubby fell in love with Alaska and we have been here ever since. I had 2 moose at the end of the driveway this morning where else can you have such excitement!

  20. I'm not sure which is yummiest - the cake or the baby! The china is beautiful!

  21. How lovely to see the first snowdrop, not spotted one here yet! Lizzie x

  22. Hello Ruby!!! I like your crochet cardi! The plates are really nice, especially the ones with the wavy edges! x

  23. mmmmm that cake does look good - just had a quick browse round your blog- your home is gorgeous