Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Green stuff and White Stuff.....

Bit more colour in the garden now -

Got a lovely old Lloyd Loom chair today -

and a cushion that seems to belong to it! -

Found a lovely jug too - Morrocan I think, it has the metal bands that Moroccan earthenware often has -

And I found myself in White Stuff (usually try and avoid even going in, as I love their stuff but can't afford it really!) - and bought a top - 

Actually, looks better with this cardigan -

Have a good week!


  1. Your garden is colourful and beautiful! It will take a month to have so much flowers here.
    Good week to you too!

  2. Love the chair and can never resist a jug - all very pretty.

  3. Pretty flowers, especially like that shade of aquilegia (hope I'm right there - not much of an expert!) The Lloyd Loom chair is scrummy and I love your summery top!

  4. You have some pretty flowers in your garden, and I love the blooms in the blue spotty jug. Wonderful chair, cushion and top... I agree, blue cardigan looks good! Abby x

  5. Very lovely flowers in your garden. Great finds and the pillow really goes well with the chair. Pretty top and my vote is for the blue cardigan too!

  6. Aww I had a lovely Lloyd Loom chair with a sprung seat. It used to be at my Grandpa's and then went with me to every house in the UK. Then it was stored at an exes parents house, we split up and the chair got lost in the break-up... I still wonder if I could just turn up and reclaim it! Lx

  7. A very sweet chair, and I love the flowers!!!
    I like both the cardigans, two is better than one......smile!
    Chris :o)

  8. That is what is missing from our garden - colour. But I am a woman on a mission and gaps are being filled with brightness.

    I love the Lloyd Loom chair.

    Lovely top - agree about your choice of cardigan, gorgeous colour.

  9. Loving the new top Abby, agree with your cardi choice. I'm a big fan of White Stuff but like you have to resist the temptation to go in unless there's a sale on.

    That Lloyd Loom chair was a good find. I'm sure we had one at home when I was a child, wonder what happened to it?

    Those yellow flag irises are gorgeous.


  10. Sweet chair....I wish I could come shopping with you, you always find such gorgeous things.

    Lou xxx

    PS. I love the scarf!

  11. Me again, I love the flowers too! :0) x

  12. Great finds and I love the top. I didnt go in White Stuff on Monday because its a bit dear, but I may be tempted to go in now. (went a bit mad in Fat Face instead though) xxxx

  13. Such pretty flowers....the chair and cushion are lovely too

  14. Great flowers, so pretty.
    I was looking through a style magazine and I'm flabbergasted at the price of new Lloyd Loom chairs £200+ I'm certainly hanging on to mine!
    You cushion was made for that chair - enjoy it :o)

  15. I'm holding on to my Lloyd Loom chairs, too! I have two inherited from my parents stamped underneath 'August 1939' and I love them. Your garden flowers are lovely - our flag iris aren't anywhere near flowering yet:)

  16. Thank you for your comment.. I know what you mean! Loving your new top. Lizzie x

  17. I love that top, White Stuff is lovely! And super jealous of your wicker chair, I'm on the hunt for one at the moment x

  18. Hi, just joining your followers - such pretty stuff! xxx

  19. Hi I've just followed you, I found you via lovely Laura at 'A place for tea'.
    I love you chair and cushion combo.....just lovely!
    Have a nice day x

  20. I love the chair and cushion, they really are perfect bed fellows!
    Your garden plants are gorgeous, I love those chocolaty leaves on picture 3 xx

  21. Lovely flowers, and is that a heuchura (cant spell it!) already with those purpley leaves? The columbines looks so pretty.
    Great Llyod loom chair, love the green.
    I like your new top, I like the White Stuff too.
    Thanks for your birthday wishes and comment - no, it wasnt you, it was me, didnt check the link so it basically linked back to blogger.com and whoever was clicking on the link at the time!
    Fixed now, glad you liked the images!
    Gill x

  22. Love the top. I have a weakness for White Stuff, too.

  23. Lovely top and I so understand your "relationship" with White Stuff... I try not to go in as I know i will always fall in love with something I can't afford... A friend of mine always picks up bargains there in their sales, but I never seem to find the right size if I go...

    LOVE your green hand-made scarf - beautiful colours!

    How exciting to do a shop window, and I think you did a great job, despite the difficulty of height etc. You have an eye for it, and that shows.

    Lovely to see all the summery floral beauty in your garden - this is such a lovely time of the year!

    Thank you for your sweet words, I really appreciate them.

    Wishing you a great weekend,

  24. I love White Stuff clothes too & went to their sale on the site & everything had gone !
    Lovely flowers in your garden.

  25. I love the cushion. Of course the flowers are pretty too.

    -Zane of ontario honey