Sunday, 22 May 2011

Strange goin's on in the 'edges.....

Elaine at Ted and Bunny posted about these ermine moth caterpillar webs recently - (  -and then I saw some in the hedges locally - strange, aren't they? -

Finished painting the small pieces of furniture yesterday -

They're en route to my unit in the shop -

- though this table seems to look pretty good in our hall -

Pretty flowers from the garden -

Have a good week!


  1. Those webs are very strange! Glad we don't have them here! Your flowers are lovely.

  2. Beautiful flowers! And I think the table is perfect in your home. Keep it xx

  3. Those webs are weird! Love the painted tables, you're quite right that one looks fabulous in your hall. The flowers are so lovely - thye've brightened my rainy day :o)

  4. Hello Abby:
    How very strange the 'Ermine' moth caterpillars are. Are they so named for attacking and eating ermine? If so, then they must be constantly having a ball in the House of Lords!

    The little table is sweet, and just the kind of thing which fits in almost anywhere. If you take it to sell, we are sure that it will go very quickly.

    The flowers are absolutely lovely, a real cottage garden selection which, we feel, are so very typical of England at this time of year. We do love the way you have arranged them, informally but so effectively.

  5. I haven't seen any of the webs around here - they do look very strange. the table does look lovely in your home and your garden flowers are so pretty:)

  6. Those webs are very eerie aren't they? The flowers from your garden are gorgeous.
    Jo xx

  7. These are so gross.....I love your table in the hall and I'm so jealous of your flowers....from your garden they are beautiful!

  8. That's a lovely table - if I send you the gap between my armchairs, would you post it back to me with the table in it?

  9. I'll pop it in the post for you, mise, as soon as the gap arrives (Mind the Gap, postman) - would you like it with the vase of flowers? Abby x

  10. Wow, I've never seen webs like that before, they are fantastic! I don't think mise needs the flowers so feel free to send those my way, and the ones from your garden too if you really must ;) x

  11. I saw some of those webs last year in Cornwall, most strange.

    Love your furniture do-ups.

  12. Very strange webs - have never seen them near us. Mind you I don't suppose there is much ermine in Lacashire.

    Very pretty flowers. I would have kept the table too.

  13. Very strange goings on down South with those EMC's... I have not seen them here, although in my house there are many webs!
    The table is a nice colour and a handy size, I would be tempted to keep it.
    Your flowers are so pretty, lovely to be able to collect them from the garden at this time of year.
    Have a great week. Abby x

  14. I have never seen anything like those strange webs.
    Love the flowers and the beautifully informal way you have arranged them. Perfect.

  15. I saw some when we were out for a drive at the weekend, it was in a very small lane so we couldn’t stop.

    And as for those flowers, BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Lou xxx

  16. yukkity yuk webs but beautiful flowers from your garden - I have hardly anything in bloom yet - will have to be patient and wait a little longer. I do however have roses on my roses. I know I shouldn't be surprised by that but I didn't think they would flourish in my patch but they have and I keep exclaiming to the girl's 'look I have roses on my roses'. Loathe to cut them though as I can spy them when I am washing up.

  17. gorgeous flowers!!! you'd pay a lot for a display like that in a shop!

  18. We get those on one particular lane in the village. I find them really creepy ! Just saw them makig up bunches of flowers from the Garden on the Celsea flower show - lovely. Every year I say I'll go.

  19. Such strange webs - rather eery when you see the caterpillars within!
    Painted furniture looks great!
    Love the flowers - beautiful colours and such a variety - your garden must be looking so pretty at the moment.
    Thanks for your comment Abby, and for naming the flower - i never though of campanula as it is deep purple and tall and large, but now i look at the photos the little bell shaped florets are a dead giveaway - i'm used to the smaller low ground covering type of campanula and forget there are so many varieties!
    Gill x

  20. What beautiful flowers, Abby.
    I'm your garden?
    A hug
    Susy x

  21. Strange and weirdly fascinating webs with caterpillars in! I love the lttle painted table, it must be so hard to part with such lovely things - I'd be hopeless if I had a shop! The flowers are such a beautiful and colourful mixture, lovely.
    Helen x

  22. Oh what spooky webs!
    I love the garden flowers, they're so pretty.
    Have a lovely week