Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pottering about....................

Good, relaxing afternoon - mostly pottering in the garden. Can't wait for this white rose, newly planted in the Spring, to open -

This philadelphus is just flowering - it smells wonderful -

Not over-keen on Achillea, but these are certainly bright at the moment (I can't stand their smell!) -

Another pretty white rose, smaller flowers on this one -

First sweet pea! -

This little painted table's turned out quite cute -

Pretty teapot from this morning's Car Boot sale - not much else as it was raining, so not many 'boots' -

Evening sun's out now, so might pop outside again!  Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Hello Abby:
    Your flower arrangement on the painted table looks so very pretty. The enamel jug is a perfect container for adding an informal touch to a relaxed grouping of flowers, such as these.

    Rather showery here too today, but wonderful evening sun. It looks as if you will be able to catch the last of the sunshine on your terrace. Perhaps with a glass of wine in hand?

  2. You read my mind, Jane and Lance - the chilled Semillon is being poured now! Cheers!

  3. What beautiful flowers Abby,
    I envy you your garden, beautiful even
    the teapot with violets.
    Susy x

  4. You took such a vivid photos that I could almost smell your beautiful flowers.
    Isn't that the most beautiful time of year?

  5. Gosh, don't you just love being in the garden. Your roses look divine. I planted some sweet pea seeds they are about 6" high now... although hampered by a squirrel inadvertently digging them up, while burying his peanuts! Have a great weekend. Lx

  6. Your roses are beautiful, (mine have greenfly and blackspot!) and your garden looks lovely in the evening sun... it has been wet and windy here today, so my weeds are coming along nicely!
    Hope you have a great weekend. Abby x

  7. Your garden is amazing, we are so lucky in this country to have enough rain to feed our plants!

    The tables is really gorgeous, what an unusually pretty top it has!

  8. Gorgeous flowers, my favourite time is spring.

    Your granddaughter is adorable in the bumblebee outfit.

    Hope the weather is nice for you today, Tam x

  9. What a beautiful garden you have ~ and I loved the arrangement in the jug! The little table looks wonderful too ~ it's amazing how painting something white seems to highlight all its beautiful detail, than if it were left its darker colour. Well done! Love Brenda

  10. I love seeing other people's gardens, thank you for sharing. I love your little patio area! That table looks great painted up, like it has it's very own lace cloth already x

  11. Oh, I love white roses and sweet peas! Your garden looks a very relaxing place to be. The wind we are getting at the moment is driving me mad as I long to sit outside in some warm sunshine:)

  12. Lucky you having your first sweetpea, mine are still quite tiddly. Your Garden looks lovely xx

  13. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Your roses are beautiful. I am especially fond of the one in the fifth picture.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous flowers and I love your seating area in the garden it looks so inviting...just right to sit with a lovely glass or three, or a lovely Gin & it!!
    Jo xx

  15. I love your table, it's really beautiful.
    The flower arrangement is stunning!!!


  16. Lovely table, I brought some philadelphus in the house today it has a sweet perfume.
    Cate x

  17. Abby your garden is full of delights! I am with you on the achillia. The smell is just awful and makes my alergies kick up! Your outdoor space is beautiful!!!
    hugs from here...

  18. I love your outdoor corner - the comfortable cushions and painted table are a perfect addition to nature. Give me a shout when you open the Semillion and I'll be right along.

  19. Beautiful flowers. You're ahead of me with the sweetpea already in flower! Lovely little sunny corner in the garden too. x

  20. Can't believe you have sweet peas in flower must have a very sunny, sheltered garden.
    Hopefully mine will catch up soon, they are one of my favourite flowers.
    Have a good week Abby,
    Julie x

  21. I so enjoyed seeing all your flower pictures, especially the delicate arrangement in the jug - love in a mist are so ethereal and soft. The table looks gorgeous, I really liked the carved top. And what an early sweet pea! Have a good week enjoying your pretty garden.
    Helen x

  22. Gorgeous flowers in your garden Abby. Lizzie x

  23. Fantastic flowers. My sweet peas are still in their pots! I don't like the smell of Achillea either but it does give a lovely splash of colour. I am jealous of your tea pot. I've been looking for one for ages now and can't seem to find a pretty one. Lots of 1970's brown ones about!