Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Green, green glass of home..........

Over the border to Wales today, to Abergavenny. I love going there, a great journey for me. Then when you're in the town, you can see the surrounding mountains down every street -

Got some lovely green glassware (hence the terrible pun in the post heading...) -  

And some pretty china -

More green glassware! -
It's just crying out for Lemon sorbet!
A pretty sugar sifter -
And some lovely old photos. Check out these guys! -

The next two - lovely ladies - are from Utica, NY -

This couple are from Aberystwyth - or had their photo taken there, anyway -
And a little girl and boy -

Some rain earlier in the week, which was good for the garden. More roses coming out -

This one's like raspberry ripple ice-cream! - or Eton mess -
This blue flax is a startling colour - though not photographed well - 
And this poppy -

Enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. Love the old guys in the photograph, they look so serious. Beautiful scenery and gorgeous roses. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jo xx

  2. Abby

    Do you ever sell your finds to fellow bloggers? If so I know of a good home for that lovely sugar sifter. If you can't be bothered with all the faff of posting etc I do understand.

    Just leave a little message on my blog. I seem to have disabled my e-mail thingy. Being very dense I dont know how to put it right.

    xx Sue

  3. It looks wonderful! Love the glass and the sugar shaker is right up my street! The roses are beautiful, mine are doing wonderfully too!

  4. Hello Abby:
    When we were in Herefordshire we should quite often make forays over the border into Wales. Abergavenny is indeed an interesting town and, as you say, surrounded by the most glorious countryside. And, the Walnut Tree...a pilgrimage for the fish!

    Your green glass is most attractive and would be perfect for summer puddings.

  5. Love the sugar sifter, and the green glass. I have one piece of green glassware, a small sundae dish which I use to put sugared almonds in at Christmas, just because it looks pretty!

  6. the views were wonderful , the one taken down the street was so beautiful!
    I love the green glass and that little girl sweet!
    although my boys have been the sweet ones lately and Mimi has been quite a pill! I hope you find many treasures today!

  7. I love the old photos......
    And the sugar sifter is just gorgeous!

  8. Love the sugar shaker, and I'm green with envy over the!
    I love the old photos, I have started buying some of them myself. I can't imagine why people would part with them. So much history!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  9. Loving the green glassware. Very jealous of your teacups, I very rarely find any :-(

    Enjoy the rest of your week


  10. Loving the green glassware - time for tinned peaches and evaporated milk? And the raspberry ripple rose is stunning!

  11. I love your Rosa Mundi rose - it is so pretty! I could look at old photos for ages they capture the imagination as there ar so many stories to tell behind the anxious smiles and stiff clothing. I don't think I've ever been to Abergavenny - it looks lovely:)

  12. Your post title made me smile!
    Lovely pictures, although I am getting greener every time I see your roses... the pink ripple one is gorgeous!
    Abby x

  13. Such lovely green glassware ~ I thought your pun was very clever indeed! Abergavenny looks absolutely wonderful ~ thank you for sharing such delightful photos! So glad you were able to 'rescue' those beautiful old photographs! Love Brenda

  14. Love the green glass and those photos! That town looks lovely. Gorgeous flowers too!

  15. just found you..great blog and new follower!!

  16. I've never been to Abervergeny but B in law lives in Monmouth, very pretty. Love your finds, especially the green glass, I'm always drawn to it. My roses are just about to make an appearance, yours are stunning xx

  17. I love abagervenney
    Il be there in September.
    I hope the market will be on.
    Thanks for the tour.

  18. Love all your finds, especially the photos. I always find these really hard to part with when I come across them. I find myself wanting to know their history and as I invariably don't, my imagination runs riot and I make up my own history for them which makes them more real to me!
    Beautiful flowers. M x

  19. Gorgeous things - I love the green glass, the wonderful old photos and the pink stripy roses. I also have a glass, silver topped sugar shaker which my mother in law gave me - I use it specially for the strawberries in summer. I love having vintage things that have a particular use.
    Thanks for the lovely pictures!
    Helen x

  20. Dear Abby,

    Your grand daughter Ruby is just sooo scrumptious! Seeing that little rice grain of a tooth takes me back to when my boys were teething... hm, and the sleepless nights to go with them...!

    I understand why you enjoy your trips over to Wales - this looks like a lovely place to visit and surrounded by so much green. Love the burgundy-gold cup!

    Your TK Maxx LOVE sign is fab!


  21. Abby, thankyou so much for visiting me and leaving such kind comments. I thought I would reciprocate. Your blog is lovely and your garden very pretty. Enjoy your weekend, love Linda x

  22. Love that circular green glass ware, love a good pun...