Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Minotaur and the Hare

Went to Cheltenham today. I've always wondered about this statue there - The Minotaur and the Hare -

It's by Sophie Ryder. I googled for info -
Saw this little table the other day at a charity shop - snapped it up, as it was cheap, thinking I'd probably paint it.

BUT, got it home and discovered it was a sewing box -
Got a lovely blue glass dish too - it's a much brighter blue than it looks here -
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this beauty (be still, my beating heart!) -

I strolled over towards it - casually, nonchalently - 'What me, interested in that? - pah!' - inside, thinking, 'I want it, I want it'!!! -

And, as you can see, I got it! - yay! - it's huge / very heavy -
Flowers from the garden -

And flowers in the garden -
Can't wait for these perennial sweet peas to flower - they've grown from a tiny plant -
And lovely Astrantia - so handy in bunches of cut flowers - 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes my tray was a gift from a friend who went to Seattle and visited Ikea, oh how I wish we had one up here.
    George or poodle almost got hit by a car a bit ago....I'm still shaking.
    your table is so cute....and the garden flowers are so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful evening.

  2. Hello Abby:
    We love the chameleon of a table. It will make such a pretty and useful workbox. You must be thrilled with your find.

    And, the flowers both from and in your garden look absolutely lovely. Such wonderful complementary colours and they make such a delightful informal arrangement.

  3. You hit the huge jackpot, the thrifting day that will go down in history!! At least it would be in my world. How thrilling to find the sewing box in the table and that aqua blue plate, what a treat...Finally the pretty crochet afghan with colors that match your flowers from the garden, it doesn't get much better than than.

  4. What an amazing sculpture! I loved your wonderful sewing box (who'd have thought!!), lovely blue dish and crochet blanket ~ and your garden is simply glorious ~ what a beautiful arrangement in that lovely jug ~ well done! Love Brenda

  5. Great finds as always Abby. You do grow such lovely flowers to cut for displays. The sweet peas will be wonderful once they flower too, and they smell heavenly!
    Have a nice weekend. Abby x

  6. So many lovely things in one post! You've found some real gems there. I'm a definate believer in flowers residing inside as well as out :) xxx

  7. The sewing box is fantastic and to think that you got it at a bargain price is amazing. The quilt looks beautiful on your bed.

    Interesting sculpture in Cheltenham, we are heading there on our travels.

    Enjoy your weekend too, Tam x

  8. Hello, I've just discovered your post and I shall definitely be following you! I too have a love of coloured glass and old quilts and flowers from my garden!
    I'm a litle envious about your perennial sweet pea. Mine seems very slow to flourish...
    Have a happy weekend and good luck treasure hunting, Jane

  9. Wow, gorgeous sewing table and with a little extra thrown in too. Very lucky.
    Madison xxx

  10. hiya- love the bedcover, it goes so well with the cut flowers!

    Thankyou for the link to the sculpture, which is always one of my favourites because like the artist I've always wondered what hares do with their "hands" when no-one's looking.

    She has kept them up front in repose, just like he's about to begin knitting which is as I imagine, because quite frankly how odd would a hare look with hands down by his sides?

    When I ride Bruce across a particular field there's a hare nesting in the headland and we always exchange a quick look- I try not to disturb them and they try not to be noticed.
    (Fingers crossed we don't ever come across a minotaur otherwise I imagine we'll be heading back home pretty quickly!!)

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for all your comments, hopefully I've got my blogger probs under control so can start leaving messages again

  11. That sewing box is such a great find - pretty and practical is always a bonus. You were lucky too in finding that afghan, the shades in it are nicely matched.

  12. The sculpture is wonderful - I love hares and enjoyed reading about the sculptor - thanks for the link. What a wonderful surprise that the table was actually a workbox:)

  13. Great sculpture - I haven't been to Cheltenham for ages. I try and act casual when I seen something great too - it never works though! I too would have bought the blanket.

  14. Awesome sewing box!!! Who would have guessed, I absolutely love it!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  15. Wow - that sewing table - what a find! Fantastic. The bowl is such a lovely colour.

  16. Thank you for your lovely comments left on my rather sad post, everyone has been so kind. Love the blanket and the flowers from your garden are gorgeous, I'd love a cutting garden like that but never seem to be successful growing flowers. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

  17. Not so keen on the crocheted bed cover but love the blue pressed glass dish! And how wonderful to find the table is really a sewing box with a table top! And the flowers are really pretty, too.
    Margaret P

  18. What great finds - especially the little sewing table!

  19. I've got a table very similar to that one , it used to belong to my nanna. I used to hide all my secret things in it .

  20. I'm drooling over your finds, especially the crocheted "tarpaulin"! I bet you keep going back to look at them all every now and then. Fab statue too. Will read up your link when I have a moment xxx

  21. That crochet blanket is wonderful, I'm so jealous! x

  22. Love the statue, I really love hares, they are everywhere in my house and garden. I saw a real one last summer whilst out walking we just looked at each other for ages, gave me goosebumps, very magical creatures x
    Love the Granny blanket x

  23. Hello Abby,
    I saw the table can work, it's beautiful,
    how lucky you avuto1
    Congratulations to the flowers in your garden,
    are magnificent.
    Good weekend
    Susy x

  24. You have such an eye for finds. I love that table - too bad it won't fit in an envelope!

    Your flowers are so lovely - our garden is overwhelmingly GREEN. The people who originally had the house planted beech hedges down one side and Leylandii down the other - earth like granite due to roots.

    Have a great weekend Abby

    x Sue

  25. I love the little sewing table. It looks like something from an expensive antiques shop. Your flower pics are gorgepus. The blanket is a great buy. xx

  26. Dear Abby,

    I love this time of year when you can pick flowers from the garden and the side of the road, and your arrangement of your garden flowers is stunning! What fresh, lovely colours and you have put them together so beautifully.

    The sewing table is so nice, and indeed perfect to hide small secrets in... perhaps small robots that ought not to be eaten... :-) Oh, your post about gorgeous Ruby is so wonderful, in both pictures and words! What a sweetie she is, and right to demand attention for the accomplishment of sitting up!

    Glad to hear your thoughts about photographing pretty houses - I hope that is the case for those I snapped too.

    Rainy Sunday greetings,

  27. How exciting to find the table had a sewing box !
    Your flowers are lovely, I have mainly srubs- just can't seem to grow flowers though my veggies are doing well !

  28. The sewing table/box is awesome!

    The bouquet of flowers is stunning! I've been enjoying flowers from my mum's garden.

    Lovely blanket, I'm planning to teach myself to day

  29. Abby, you always manage to find such wonderful things!
    Must have been a great surprise to find that the pretty shaped table had hidden talents - what a find!
    The crochet blanket is wonderful too - the colours are very pretty.
    Your flowers are lovely!
    Gill x

  30. What a wonderful surprise that table turned out to be! I love work boxes, all neatly filled with sewing things! That would look lovely painted in your pretty style. And fancy finding a big crochet blanket like that too - amazing! The flowers from your garden are so gorgeous, I love the colours and the soft textures. Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  31. Hello Abby, you have done it again, great finds! The blanket looks great on the bed.

    Lou xxx

  32. Love, love, love your blanket, amazing! I would so be the same, beating heart,......
    and love all your beautiful photos too.