Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Vaguely blue..........(no, not me!)

It's my turn to 'do' the window in the shop next week, and I thought I'd do a vaguely blue theme - so I've been collecting together blue china, glassware, etc. And today I found some more pieces, like this funny blue pottery pig -

And his new friend, Blue Cat - (I have to say, I don't really like this, but it'll give the colour I want) -

Some pretty blue glass bowls -

And handpainted china -
I shall put my blue console table in the window, and several smaller white and grey tables -

Tin Horse is unusual, isn't he? -
Found this stained glass butterfly too - very pretty - it's about 8 ins high, and hinged -
Lots of flowers blooming in the garden -

When I water the garden, this little chap likes to be watered too - he sits on a leaf and I give him a shower! -

I've got pots of flowers all over the place -


Treated myself to some new shoes yesterday :) -
And two gratuitous pics of Tilly - one of her at a wedding recently, looking angelic -
And one showing her cheeky side! -
Have a good week!


  1. Give a frog a shower!
    Love it.

  2. I love the idea of the frog enjoying being sprinkled with water! The blues on the table will look lovely in the shop window:)

  3. I do love pigs.. I really should start a collection.
    And the shoes! From hotter they will be comfortable too.

  4. Beautiful pics..what are the pink roses on the garden wall called ?

    1. I wish I knew - they were one of the few plants here when we came - it flowers all summer long!

  5. Maybe the frog is a prince in disguise, missing his daily ablutions? Perhaps a single friend might like to try a kiss? Lovely photos of all your flowers, and how sweet Tilly looks. Have fun creating your window display!

  6. the shop window display always looks enticing I think - really like the hinged butterfly, lovely with the light shining through the glass. Gorgeous colours in your garden too, how are your roses? Mine aren't that great this year, some looking decidedly sad and mouldy.
    Gorgeous last pic of Tilly - what a wonderful cheeky grin! x

  7. Your blue things are lovely and will look great on the table in the shop window. I love the idea of you sprinkling the frog with water:)

  8. The blue things are wonderful, collections of blue always look stunning I think. What amazing flowers you have in your garden, they really are beautiful. And I love your froggie.

  9. I'm loving your blue things.And you also chose blue shoes too!!
    Tilly looks beautiful X

  10. Good choice, blue. Lovely pictures of Tilly xxx

  11. Orange is my favourite colour, but i'm so loving blue right now too. Gorgeous pics.

  12. Love the idea of your blue's always fun collecting things together for a theme! Lots of lovely flowers, and I love your new shoes too. Tilly looks adorable in both pictures :)
    Helen x

  13. Love your photographs! I've just become a follower - thought I already was!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  14. I saw your lovely 'blue' display in the shop window - what a good idea to base it on a colour - it really made it stand out!

  15. Hi--

    I hope you see this, even though your post is a few weeks old. I'm wondering if one of the items pictured in an old blog post of yours is for sale: the half-moon roses rug in this old post?

    Thank you, ♥

    Val :)

    1. Hi - no sorry, it sold pretty quickly! I've gone a bit 'flat' on blogging at the moment, but just checked it today! x

    2. Thank you for the reply. It is a lovely rug!