Thursday, 20 June 2013

Grey, rainy day - but hey.........

For her husband's birthday recently, my middle daughter commissioned a drawing of their three children from a local artist (and friend of daughter!).  I think it's great - she's really captured them -

(The three of them are in this pic from Christmas - Archie and Max with glasses and Ruby in front) -
More info on the artist - Emmie Tallboys - HERE  Her painting work is very striking -

Pretty foul day here today - grey and rainy - so disappointing after a gorgeous sunny day yesterday. Oh well, garden getting a good watering I guess!

We've got an ugly fence on one side of the garden, so I've been putting in evergreens there, to try and cover it - 
I'm not a huge fan of Ceanothus, but it's flowering now - and will hopefully disguise the fence over winter -
- and the bees love it -
Lots of apples on the trees at the moment - hope they survive this year -
Well, better get something done I guess!


  1. So glad you have had a great time all the family together!The garden is more beautiful after the rain! Here, everything is dry and sere.

  2. That's a wonderful drawing of the children - love it! Love the rain less. And the dog that shakes himself as I bend down to unclip his lead even less-er than that. Tonia x

  3. Lovely drawing and a lovely present, looking at the pic below you can see the likeness. Keep saying we're going to get a painting of the kids, but just one of those things that never seems to happen.
    Your garden looks glorious, really like the pale ceanothus - we had a darker one that didn't survive the winter, and I miss it x

  4. What a thoughtful precious gift, one even the kids someday will have adorable grandchildren! Heidi

  5. Love the artist drawing of the grandchildren..such a thoughtful gift too!

    Your garden is lovely and I spot a plant that looks like one I have at the base of my apple tree, I think it is a geranium of some kind.

    We have rain today here too, I agree that it is best to just be grateful that it is watering the garden..what else can we do about it anyway..haha. xo

  6. What a super drawing! We had rain today too as you say at least the gardens are enjoying it! Our ceanothus is flowering now too - we nearly lost it at the end of last year and had to dig it up and put it in a pot but it has survived thank goodness:)

  7. What a lovely present. Great likeness.

  8. She has captured them so well, what a wonderful gift. The garden's looking lovely such pretty June blooms ~ Sarah x

  9. Such a wonderful drawing, love the style. The paintings are very impressive. Yes I know what you mean about ceanothus, I have mixed feelings about it.....the bright blue colour is fascinating but it almost seems unnatural next to all the usual garden flowers. We have a very windy day here but no rain yet....
    Helen x