Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rain and flowers and a ladybird.........

Had quite a bit of rain here today - but it's made the garden look quite fresh

Can't wait for these Cerinthe to flower - I haven't grown them before, but admired them in a garden I visited -

Nothing prettier than rain on Alchemilla -

Clematis all appearing -



Been quite busy recently amassing stuff for my stall at the Hereford Castle Green Summer Fair (June 29th). Can barely get into the front room! -

Pleased with these vintage airers I got at an auction this week - always useful to display cloths on -

Well, better get something done!  Have a good week.


  1. Your garden is so lush and colorful ! And your bouquet absolutely lovely!
    Have a nice day !

  2. You've had rain! I'm just a bit jealous as I haven't! I grow cerinthe and have found that it self seeds everywhere so now I get it very year for free too. I've found that it survives the winter outside in the soil as self sown seedlings too, bizarre

  3. Beautiful flowers, so cheerful. Love the old airers x

  4. The rain has freshened up our garden quite a bit, too although the ground in some places is still hard and dry. Your garden is looking lovely and your 'love in a mist' in the blue spotty jug looks so pretty:)

  5. Lovely photos! Down here we seem to be constantly being 'refreshed' these days, and the sun barely peers out long enough for any garden photography! So it's nice to enjoy yours...

  6. The recent sun has brought the garden to life, all the flowers are suddenly bursting into bloom.Yours look lovely.

  7. Thank goodness warmer weather has arrived and spring and summer are finally here. I love nigella - flower not person!
    Love from Mum

  8. Your garden is looking lovely,so very pretty,
    my roses and clematis are still in tight bud..Where is the sunshine? we had glimpses, but lots of showers today
    Looks like you have found some wonderful treasures, good luck with your hunting
    Thea x

  9. The colours in your garden are gorgeous, all those pinks and blues. Plenty of refreshing going on down here too, but accompanied by wind. And it's so cold.. bring back flaming June!

  10. I'm hoping the rain has softened up my very heavy clay soil (seriously, I could make better pots out of it than I can garden) enough so I can plant things this weekend.
    I do envy you all the colour in yours! Tonia x

  11. Love your garden photos Abby. We have loads of Alchemilla, spreading nearly as fast as the Knapweed!
    Everything looks so healthy and hopeful, just need the sun back now...
    I'll have to pop along to see you at the Hereford fair xx

    1. Yes, it's worth a visit to the Castle Green Fair - good food and music and stalls x

  12. Loved seeing your pretty garden pictures....such lovely colours and they do look so fresh after the rain. You have some beautiful flowers, and I love the alchamilla too, especially with the raindrops.
    The airers look interesting....I've got a few old wooden towel rails but not an airer (yet)....
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  13. Such a pretty garden ... love in the mist is beautiful ~ Sarah x