Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Anyone for a glass of......

Been out rummaging today - mainly for glasses for the wedding - we're hiring / being-loaned-by-supermarket the wine glasses, but needed water glasses. I managed to get 54 so far - just done a marathon wash and dry up session!   Got some lovely glassware for the shop / stall too, like these jelly moulds and lemon squeezers -

and this butter dish, glass plate and pretty green dish -

and a lovely blue vase -

Got some pretty china too, like this Shelley cup and saucer -

and a lovely plate -

and little cream jug -

I think Jo from Hesta Nesta ( http://hestanesta.blogspot.com/)  might like this little cushion - I'll put it in the post if she sends me her address -

The space I have in the shop in Leominster seems to be going quite well -

 Painted up this child's chair the other day -

Went to the church this morning to see what we might do re flowers for Saturday. Grandson Max was a great help (!) -

There's a green / yellow theme, so I've been playing around.....

Fingers crossed re the weather!



  1. love the curtains in your shop. Enjoy the wedding.

  2. Those molds are fabulous and that church is so romantic just the place where I dreamed of The flowers are perfect!

    Your stall, I have so been wanting to peek it's lovely I love how you hung the fabric and the chair I always made so much on those little pieces that I repainted and it always seemed that the worse my paint job the quicker they sold!!

  3. Someone was meant to hire champagne glasses for our son's wedding (I won't name and shame ...). Anyway, they forgot, and someone had to rush round all the local supermarkets just before the reception and gather as many plastic ones as possible. Last minute or what?

  4. Can't wait to see the little Pug cushion, thank you for thinking of me. I love the glass jelly moulds, they are so useful as well as being perfect for display.....I have even seen them with scented candles in them rather than using tea cups. Good luck for the wedding on Saturday, lets hope the weather holds.
    Jo xx

  5. Looks like you have been busy. I love all the glasswear you bought, I always think it looks great together on a windowsill when the sun is shining through.
    I am glad your unit is doing well... sunshine always seems to bring in happy customers!
    The flowers you have used look lovely together and the colours will look perfect in the Church.
    I hope the good weather will continue into the weekend for the wedding.
    Abby x

  6. Beautiful glass - I do love a jelly mould and am accumulating quite a collection. That blue vase is very me too. That bouquet you've put together is gorgeous, so springlike.

  7. Love the jelly moulds. Strange as I don't even like jelly. Went to a nearby town at the weekend to get some Annie Sloane paint. I am on a mission to re do our bedroom furniture. I should have phoned first, their first batch hadn't been delivered! Better luck next time. However as it is THE only Lancashire stockist I will make do.

    I do hope the big day goes well for one and all

    XX Sue

  8. I'm so happy that you showed us your stall. It is so lovely. So many beautiful things in there. And the new finds are beautiful too.
    I love that blue vase!!!!!
    sending hugs from here...

  9. your unit is really inviting- I kept looking at the photo from different angles to try and peek round the corner!

    I've been clearing out the larder this week and found 4 boxes of champagne flutes up on the top shelf...I know I like a drop of chammy but can't remember how/why/when, just hope they weren't supposed to be returned somewhere!

    Happy wedding at the weekend- even if it rains it'll be lovely (it snowed at ours!)

  10. I've given you an award. Love all those glass finds btw. Sal x

  11. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Enjoy your day xxxx

  12. I am so in love with your shop space. I I lived near by I would be in and out of ther like a nest building bird.
    I have my eye on the first curtain on the right and the little chair. x
    Best wishes for the weekend x

  13. Wow, you did well. I am very envious of your glassware. I have a thing for glass at the moment. My daughter found a lemon squeezer in a charity the other day for ten pence. The jug would look lovely in my kitchen sitting next to the rest of my china.

    I love your shop!!! This is what my daughter dreams of having one day, with a little tea room.

    The flowers are gorgeous! Have a great day! It will be wonderful xx

  14. Your shop space is looking really lovely.....I would love to come and have a browse. Good luck for saturday, the flowers are so pretty xx

  15. Love the flower colours - hope the weather stays fine and all goes well for the wedding:)

  16. Lovely glassware, especially the jelly moulds. Your shop looks so pretty, a real treasure trove. Hope the wedding goes well. xx

  17. Ah, LOVE the little cream jug and the jelly moulds!

    I can only imagine how excited you must be about Saturday and I wish you all the best and great weather for the big day.

    Your shop space looks so lovely and I am so pleased for you it is going well!

    Warm regards from Helena, in Sweden, where the lake is still frozen solid!

  18. Your shop looks so pretty! I love all the glass ware you found. Hope you have a wonderful sunny day for the wedding!
    Helen x

  19. Oh I love that cup and saucer - SO pretty, good luck for Saturday :)

  20. Everything looks wonderful in the unit
    have a lovely day Saturday
    cate x

  21. Love all your pretty glass and china finds!! Especially that forget me not teacup!

  22. Loving the jelly moulds, they look gorgeous en masse. Fingers crossed like mad for good weather at the weekend.

  23. ooh fingers crossed...summer seems to have gone before it got here.....feels more like October in London!!

  24. Best wishes for your daughter's wedding on Saturday Abby...I'm sure it will be a beautiful day x
    Julie x

  25. Lovely finds and wishing your daughter a beautiful wedding. Catherine x

  26. Wonderful glass ware - love the moulds, and I love the Shelley china.
    Your shop space looks great - full of gorgeous things.
    How exciting, the wedding so soon - hope it is a glorious day for them - Best Wishes to your daughter and new son-in-law to be for a wonderful Wedding Day on Saturday.
    Hope you have a lovely day Abby!
    Gill xx