Thursday, 3 March 2011

Vintage Jumble Sale

Don't forget, if you're anywhere near South Gloucestershire on Saturday, there's going to be a fab Vintage Jumble Sale -

It's at Rangeworthy Village Hall, BS37 7LZ.  The doors will open at 11am & close at 3.30pm.  I can't wait!!   I've been sorting out stuff to take and have about 10 boxes so far!!  Things like this lovely old jug (slightly chipped!) -

and this lovely buttermilk yellow Johnson Bros Goldendawn ware - (again slightly chipped or minus lid) -

and two pretty little china posies (slightly chipped) -

And LOTS of other stuff!!

I've been painting quite a few pieces of old, dark furniture this week - like this old chest of drawers -

which now looks like this -

It has a useful mirror -

And this little table -

which now looks like this -

I painted the little legs on this footstool too -

They're now in my space in a 'nostalgic home decor' shop in Leominster, Herefordshire - put in after I sold some of these things already this week - not a bad start - I'm a bit tucked away at the back of the shop, but people seem to be finding me!  I need more shelving and more wall hooks -

And I treated myself to a bag from Accessorize - I walked past the window and it was love at first sight! -

and some wonderful blue-purple coloured anemones -

Not long 'til the weekend!



  1. The furniture looks wonderful painted, great for displaying things on. I hope you do well, the space you have looks so inviting.
    We are not planning another outdoor performance just yet, but I will suggest we head South for the next one as there seems to be lots of lovely things to buy where you are.
    Have a great weekend, Abby x

  2. How did you like the Annie sloan?, Your furniture looks lovely, would love to know what you thought of the paint x

  3. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! The furniture looks lovely & that is a pretty bag!


  4. I wish I was nearer!! I was saying to hubby last night that I wish all my bloggy friends lived in the same village! xxx

  5. Wish I lived close enough to visit. Annie Sloan paint is fab isnt it. I did have to do more than one coat though - did you?

  6. Grrrrr! that anger! I would be there too!
    However in August is within the store
    Leominster, beautiful your corner.
    A hug
    ° ° SUSY

  7. I'm sure people will find you at No all looks very pretty and your dresser is transformed!
    Have fun at the jumble sale on Saturday and take lots of pennies to put in your lovely bag...
    Julie x

  8. Lovely furniture - it makes such a difference with a coat of paint. Great bag too - I would definately of snapped that up! We're heading to the event tomorrow so I'll stop by and say hi. I'll have 1 hubby and 2 boys' in tow though!

  9. Fantastic furniture and fantastic shop too!!!
    How many beautiful things... Sigh! I'm Italian and a bit far... I hope to come there sometimes.

  10. All this painting put me in mind of the old saying, if it doesn't move, paint it. Once I get started with a paintbrush, I am much the same. I may start out with one particular project in mind, but then my eyes start roving....
    Love the bag, I would have fallen for it too! Good luck with the jumbley sale.

  11. So much to think about in your post. Your area in No 14 looks lovely I'm sure people will be drawn to look at what you have there. Love the bag too and the lovely anemones. Hope all goes well with the vintage jumble sale:)

  12. So jealous jealous jealous jealous.....that dresser is my Fave and your spot is the gem in the store....let me tell you people like to linger in the back of shops!!!

  13. Looking forward to meeting you the bag, very pretty.
    Jo xx

  14. We don't seem to have jumble sales here any more ! Enjoy . Love the little table.

  15. Have a fun and successful day tomorrow - wish I could go! On a separate note, am trying to decide whether my husband would notice if I 'Annie Sloaned' our bed...

  16. Wish I lived nearer - the jumble sale look slike its going be brilliant!
    You've done a great painting job on the furntiture! Your shop area looks great.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  17. Have a lovely time at the Jumble sale this weekend. I love your little shop stall, it looks lovely so many nice things to look at. Well done on the sales ~ did the profit go on the new bag ? (which is seriously gorgeous) xxx

  18. You're right, I'll come back in 2012 too.
    Happy collecting!

  19. It all looks fab, see you tomorrow! Lizzie x

  20. looking good, Good Luck, wish I was nearer (but Diane if we all lived in the same village we wouldn't blog just sit in tearooms eating cake and chatting all day!)
    Any how......Hubby and I plan to visit his mum in the summer so I will pop over to visit your space in Leominster!

  21. Oh Diane - would love to pop over - one day we will surprise you - on a motorbike! lol true! By the way hun - when you have a minute I need some advice - my e-mail is ...

    denisebydesigns at googlemail dot com

    cheers Dxx

  22. How old would you say that dresser is? I have one JUST exactly like it (brown first then white) that belonged to my Dad when he was a boy in the 30s-40s. I love to look at your pictures!

  23. Hi,Heidi - I thought the dresser was from the 50s, but sounds like it might be from earlier if it's just like your dad's. Probably mid-30s - 40? Abby x

  24. My you have been busy with that paintbrush, they do look lovely though. I saw that bag too and liked it. Sorry I missed your little giveaway , I'll have to be quicker next time .

  25. Great to meet you today Abby, see you again soon! Lizzie x

  26. Love the difference just painting the legs on that footstool has made. Also love your new bag.... so pretty and summery.