Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Grey day - but found some colour.....

It's been just plain grey all day here, but there's some colour showing in the garden -

And I found some colourful things too today, like this little rose jug -

And this pretty duvet set -
Another jug -

And a crinoline lady teapot (these are always popular!) -

Some lovely little cups and saucers -

I love this pink set -

and green Beryl ware set -

I can't say this jug is really to my taste, but hopefully someone will like it! It's in perfect condition -

I shall be taking these to Ludlow market on Sunday or to shop in Leominster, where my space is doing quite well! -

Hope tomorrow's a bit less grey!


  1. Yes, grey and misty here today. Love your finds as always. Your jugs are lovely (ooh er Missus, that doesn't sound quite right) but yes, I know what you mean about the last one!

  2. Love the photos of the flowers and the Crinoline lady pretty on such a grey day. We've had fog all day and one of the chickens escaped and scratched up part of the lawn where Andy has just not a good day :0))
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jo xx

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  4. Oh, beautiful finds...I love the pretty floral china!

  5. Some lovely treasures! It's getting harder and harder to find pretty cups and saucers I find. Glad your space is going well!

  6. Oh you did find some gorgeous color in the garden! The primroses are just beautiful!

    You also found some lovely things to put in your space and sell. I love that duvet set...anything with roses on it makes my heart skip a beat. And as always, the china is lovely.
    sending hugs

  7. Mmmnn it's been very misty, the flowers in your garden are lovely, I've got the broad beans in....can't wait for the sweet peas,,,,,
    Lovely cups, I like the pink set x

  8. Everything is cheerful and bright, just what I need today. Thank goodness for flower power!!
    Have a great day!

  9. Lovely spring colour - the primulas are beautiful and cheery! Love muscari too - mines not yet out.
    All that beautiful china is so therapeutic on such a dull day - grey,misty and chilly here too all day, so thanks for sharing it!! Specially love that little rose jug!
    Gill x

  10. I have lots of Beryl ware but I love that pink tea set!

  11. Colour in the garden and roses on pretty china, so nice to look at on a grey day (fog here too). Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow, Abby x

  12. It was rather a grey day today, wasn't it? It looks as if you have found some lovely colours in your garden to compensate and also some super treasures to sell:)

  13. You have some lovely plants in your garden. Today had been soooooo grey I couldn't bear it! The treasures you have are wonderful. I never find anything so nice. I hope they sell well for you. x

  14. Loving your pretty china just the thing to brighten up a miserable grey day. Do make the cookies you won't be disappointed.

  15. Dear Abby,

    You bring us some lovely and colourful images with flowers in all shapes and forms here. You seem to have a real eye for spotting lovely little pieces and I can imagine you - and they - do really well in the shop in Leominster!

    Malvern looked very nice, not to mention your patio bathing in sun! What a great spot outside the new doors of your extension!

    I know what you mean about feeling almost 'guilty' about writing about mundane things like decorative objects, when so many parts of the world are suffering horrific tragedies at the moment. However, we all know it is not because we do not care or have our priorities right. Perhaps doing just this, continuing to focus for a minute on the beauty and the mundane, can give us the positive energy we need to cope with the news from disaster areas, give us what we need to stay strong... ?

    Lots of love from Wiltshire, where the birds have been serenading spring all day... hoorray!


  16. I love how your grey days are filled with color...will you every once in awhile show us your stall so we can drool over your's been 3 months now since I closed and I'm starting to miss it a little....but I can live through your fabulous store.

  17. Everything is just bursting into bud and flower, it's just so lovely to see these flowers appearing in the garden. Glad to hear your unit is doing well.

  18. Here it continues to rain, again and again,
    already we are under water .... ufffff!
    Things very delicious, come in August
    find you.
    A hug

  19. Again we have mist and dampness, grey and cold, so it was lovely to look at posts this week, my own included on Monday, which were all about colour ( for those interested!).
    Love the pretty rose jug and the pink set especially.
    Good luck with the sale and pleased to hear that No. 14 is doing well for you.

  20. I think you have the best job in the world. xxx

  21. Me again! Thanks for your comment! I made the holes in the CDs with a Cropadile punch. And yes, they are covered in scrapbooking paper. They are great fun to make - perfect for a little themed book. I quite fancy making some again now! But that would mean I need to find my elusive hole punch...

  22. Some flowers at last I bought some pansies today to cheer up a somewhat dreary day.
    Lovely china I like the pink
    Cate x

  23. fantastic finds are you selling them all ?
    I am sure they will all sell really fast for you
    xx fee