Wednesday, 9 March 2011

First boy to fly?

Took one of my grandsons to his trampolining lesson last night - tried to take photos, but they were all just a blur!  He looks as if he's about to fly off in this one! -

I'm not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination (oops, 72 followers leave!), but I've recently started accruing commemorative mugs, etc., in anticipation of Royal Wedding fever - like these I got today -

And these -

And this plate - (refusing to load the right way!) -

Got a pretty old floral tin tray too -

And a pretty old umbrella -

And a lovely rosy jug -

And a (new, but nicely done) bookend -

Ideal for propping up these old books I got -  (oh, no, wrong way again - naughty Mr Blogger!) -

Great ads for other books in the back of them -

  This Holy Communion is dated 1898 -

'Twas lovely and sunny here today, though cold.  My seedlings - cosmos, sweet pea and red pepper - are coming on, if a bit leggy -

 Enjoy the rest of the week!

Photo of Ruby for Heidi! -


  1. You have tapped into a trend. I have a friend who recently sold some coronation mugs to the Palace! They are revamping their gift shop ready for the 2012 celebrations. Liberty's were selling vintage royal mugs made into candles before Christmas.

  2. umm I sold a Queen's silver Jubilee mug to an elderly gent yesterday in the C shop. Wonderful old books. I got a lovely copy of Alice in Wonderland for 25p and learned that the real Alice is buried locally....the piece of trivia was free !

  3. Love the flying boy photo - I saw some royal mugs in CS yesterday but resisted. My friend Louise has lots of royal stuff in her studio and it looks fab. Old books are so lovely aren't they my mum gave me some 1950's Good Housekeeping cookery books yesterday and I was so excited to find original Tala ware adverts in them especially as I have a few of the items they featured. Going to do a post about it soon. Bye for now. Debs X

  4. Lovely finds Abby, I've still got my Silver Jubilee mug from 1977 when I was at Primary school!! Love the old umbrella and the books.
    Jo xx

  5. I'm not running!!! I love coronation mugs I have loads on a mug tree in my kitchen, I'm always buying it or it's finding me...not sure!x

  6. I don't own any im afraid but you have a good collection there!
    lovely post today!

  7. I always buy something... "royal" each time I come to Great Britain. I like your blog very much. I'll be back. Enjoy your week, Clara.

  8. Love those old books - the ads at the back look amazing. Great blog.

  9. What a lovely load! I am a bit of a lover of Royal China so loved the pics.

    Thank You so much for my lovely giveaway gifts - they are so gorgeous, I am just about to blog about them ! Thanks again darling xxx

  10. I adore the umbrella....I carried a parasol at my wedding 31 years ago, still have it....somewhere! XXX

  11. I know some of the potteries in this area are making stuff for the royal wedding so I expect vintage souvenirs will be popular too. I love that umbrella it's so pretty. I always find the inscriptions in old books so interesting and yet quite sad too! Your grandson looks as if he is having a great time:)

  12. I found my old Charles & Di mug out whilst doing the kitchen. Your grandson looks like he has bees wings! xx

  13. I love the picture of your Grandson...

    You have put me to shame, i've not planted anything yet!

    Lou xxx

  14. now I have the peter pan song in my head Love it all but that umbrella is fab. Where's Ruby been?

  15. Hi, Heidi - photo of Ruby added just for you! Abby x

  16. Gosh you do find some great things. Ruby is gorgeous!

  17. Oh that little cutie pie she make me want to have another one but at 42 I'm too old to chase them any more.....

  18. Loved the mugs. My nana had some.

  19. A lovely post! You've reminded me I too have some Royal mugs somewhere - I must dig them out and put them on display at once! Loved all your old books, and the picture of Ruby is adorable!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  20. There's just something about a nice squat jug that appeals to me. And your old books look fab - I always look out for old copies of English examinations in second-hand stores as I like to show the kids what they would have had to do in 1963 etc! Thanks for asking about the Japanese Student - she's been in England for a couple of weeks, thankfully ..

  21. Love the picture of Ruby - so sweet! And the flapping grandson!
    The old books look lovely,as does the china, especially the royal mugs!
    Have a great weekend!

  22. i have some royal wares- not too much of a huge fan- but i do like the british flag in the images ;0)
    the roses jug goes with my tea set hehe- i do not have a jug but had bought the tea set and plates for £2.50 a while back ;0)
    Amazed at how cheaply some tea sets are.
    love my bargins tho.
    lovely treasures you have, especially your gran children- adorable ;0)x

  23. Lovely tin tray......... and (of course!), beautiful picture of Ruby!