Sunday, 13 March 2011

Malvern Flea Market

Went to Malvern Flea Market this morning - just to have a browse round. It was pretty grey and rainy first thing, but there was plenty to see, both outside and in the halls -

Some lovely things on this stall, but I was very restrained!  Actually, unusually for me, I wasn't really in a buying mood, so I just looked.............

Cute tiny shoes! -

As we left - clutching only a handful of 'Royal' mugs! - it was still pretty cloudy over The Malverns -

but then it began to brighten -

And by the time we got home, it was lovely and sunny - so I pottered in the garden -

I hope you won't think I'm crass in writing this very mundane post of my day, when others are suffering - in Japan - in almost unimaginable ways. My heart goes out to everyone in Japan; the footage is horrendous.


  1. Malvern looks wonderful, must head down that way when it is next on. Your garden looks so inviting in the sun, just need a nice G&T and some sun glasses!! I do agree, the earthquake in Japan is such a tragedy..I cannot begin to imagine how frightening that was and the thought of losing loved ones and your home doesn't bear thinking about.
    Jo xx

  2. No buying!!? I hope your not coming down with something, A lovely post about your day...

    There are no words for such a tragedy, it is just incredibly sad, like you my heart goes out to them x

  3. Cool flea market, I'd love to have a poke around there.

    Our thoughts are with all those affected in Japan terribly terribly sad.

  4. The flea market looks fascinating...I would love to have a wander around there.

    And I echo your thoughts on the disaster to hit Japan...just dreadful.

  5. My thoughts have been with the people of Japan too. So many people are suffering in the world at this time, we are so lucky to live where we do and your pictures are proof of that.

    Your garden pics look like they could have been taken in the summer!
    Abby x

  6. Jealous jealous jealous all those lovely things to look at and you can't get your hands on them...I mean I can't.....and flowers taboot, what a day you had!

  7. The tragedy in Japan makes me so sad, It's hard to believe how anyone survived isn't it? xxx

  8. Looks like you had a lovely, pottering around day yesterday. The news from Japan is beyond dreadful; so many awful events around the world recently too and so many people suffering loss - I echo your words today!

  9. The flea market looked great - you were very restrained!
    Garden looks inviting - you have lovely open views at the end of your garden!
    I know how you feel about blogging when there is so much terrible suffering going on.

  10. Well done on the restraint! The only way I can manage it is by not going at all - have promised myself a proper buying treat when I next let myself go!

  11. You didn't buy anything you must be coming down with my bug :)

    I think we all feel saddened and helpless by the news,
    Cate x

  12. Hi Abby
    Thanks for your comment, now I know what those lovely little blue flowers are, as does Leslie who also has them (Me and Tilly Too)and thanks you as well!
    The first year in a new garden is exciting as you've just experienced too! I'm loving discovering new flowers and shrubs, and having plants that I've always wanted but never had the space for before such as the camellia and hydrangeas.
    have a great day!
    Gill x

  13. Beautiful blue skies and that looks like such a lovely market.

    Have a lovely evening and sorry it's taken so long to pop in and say 'hi'

    Nina x

  14. Thanks for your nice comment - I'm feeling better now. I love your photos - my sister-in-law lives not far from Malvern and once or twice we camped there on our way back from visiting them!

  15. I wish I could wander the market with you!!!

    Have to tell you that I loved your royal cups and plates!! Don't think I will be seeing my face on one of those anytime soon! Ha, ha!

    Have a great day!!
    Chris :o)