Tuesday, 23 April 2013

But it's always good to come home..............

Well, we had a great week in Port de Soller, Mallorca - but it's lovely to be home!  Garden desperately dry, though - I'll need to be out there with the hose for hours tonight!

At Palma airport we took the local No 1 bus to the train station, where we caught the wonderful antique train that winds its way up through the mountains and olive groves and lemon and orange trees, up to Soller, on the north-west of the island -INFO HERE -

 A magical, fragrant journey - the air is suffused with orange / lemon / almond blossom -

Then at Soller, we caught the vintage tram to Port de Soller -

The bay at Port Soller is beautiful - and hugely enhanced by being traffic free, other than the tram. Very quiet -
Our view at breakfast -

We went up into the mountains to see various lovely old towns and villages - Deia (where Robert Graves lived) and Valdemossa (where Chopin and George Sand lived) -

There are some wonderful walks in this area -
We went to some gardens too - Jardines de Alfabia, which was lovely though quite small -

(the interior here was rather fabulous -

And to the Botanic Garden in Soller -

And one day we went back to Palma, but I found that rather overwhelming, although it is a beautiful city
We went to an exhibition of faces by Picasso too, but I'll do another post sometime. I'm conscious of possibly boring with holiday snaps!!


  1. Oh I love Mallorca ... you've made me really, really want to go back! Lovely pictures, look slike a fabulous holiday.

    Love Claire xx

  2. I've never been to Majorca but my mum has a long time ago. She came back with the best memories... I think that you too have had a great time in this beautiful island. You took such wonderful pictures! I hope that these vacations regenerated you!..
    Have a good relax !

  3. Your holiday snaps make me hanker after such scents, scenery and tranquility! The train and tram have such charm too. Funny that you came back to such a dry garden, when you think of the weather we've had!

  4. I'm not bored at all. Bring it on!
    Love from Mum

  5. It all looks wonderful! Beautiful scenery, blue sky....sigh.I'm glad you've had a good time, and as there's no chance of me gong away for a while I can't wait to see more of your holiday photos!!
    Gill xx

  6. It looks sheer bliss.
    So glad you had a good time!

  7. Gorgeous photos! Looks wonderful. Love the sound of the old train slowly chugging through the scented mountains. Really glad you had a lovely break x

  8. It looks absolutely beautiful. MY mum and dad have been on that old train a couple of times and told me what a lovely journey it is through the mountains.

  9. Glad you back and even gladder you had such a great time! It does look beautiful. X

  10. i love that place....never did the train though and regret that...am guessing this was a good time to go?

    1. Yes, I think it was a great time to go - not too hot, though pretty warm - and lots of greenery and flowers out. And not too many people! x

  11. It all looks so beautiful - I love your description of your fragrant train journey:)

  12. Thank you for this magical tour....just what I needed on this grey morning in Alaska, Heidi

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  14. Oh no not boring at all! It is heavenly to be transported somewhere warm and pretty on a chilly evening...thanks!
    I have been using the Autentico paint to do some furniture and I do really like it. Thanks for your visit. Glad you had a lovely holiday, love Linda x

  15. Beautiful. I especially loved that orange tree above the pond. I could sit there all day. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.