Sunday, 28 April 2013

Picasso faces - and colourful art..........

When we were in Majorca recently, we saw a great little exhibition of faces on plates by Picasso (it was in a room just by the Soller railway station). I thought they were rather wonderful, all the more so for just coming across them like this -

Actually, they weren't all on plates, as I've just remembered! -

I was entranced by them. Do you like them?

He was certainly a remarkable artist

Then, a few days later, in Palma, we saw these artworks in a gallery. The place was just closing - and we were off to catch the bus, so I have no information!  They were very vibrant and exciting -


And, also in Palma, this huge olive tree! - (nature's sculpture) -
Have a good week!


  1. Ancient olive trees are amazing with their twisted and gnarled trunks. Looks like you had a lovely informative holiday but like you.... Always glad to get home.
    Julie x

  2. I first saw a set of Picasso plates about 20 years ago and was instantly smitten- but I'd forgotten all about them until I just saw your post. Thankyou, I still love them!

  3. I remember having a whole series of postcards with Piscasso's face sketches. Mmmmm what ever happened to them... We were in Majorca just after Xmas. Loved it.

  4. I do like them, Picasso had a very fertile imagination.

  5. Yes, I do like them some more than others but they are very captivating - also like the first and third works in the other exhibition you photographed. The trunk of the olive tree is amazing:)

  6. They're amazing Abby! Especially like the first two and the interesting smiley fish type jug? with a handle. Also love the colourful art you spotted in a Palma gallery - the people/clock is very clever. Hope the birthday bash went well! xx

  7. I didn't know Picasso did this sort of work - looked an interesting and out of the ordinary exhibition.
    The other works of art are pretty amazing too.
    Incredible olive tree - must be pretty old too have got to that size, and what a shape!

  8. Great exhibitions...I always enjoy seeing a Picasso exhibition...he did so much amazing work that there is often something new to see! Love the gnarled old olive beautiful!
    Helen x

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