Thursday, 11 April 2013

Looking for the pot of gold................

Not been having the best of weeks, so tonight when I looked outside early evening, I was thrilled to see a rainbow. I just love rainbows - and I instantly smiled and felt somewhat better!


The rain we had today was good for the garden -
Found some pretty china earlier in the week -

The jug turned out to have a crack in it, but still pretty -

Well, we've got this little cherub tomorrow for the day, so I'd better get some sleep!
Hope things are OK for you!


  1. you are going to be busy! She looks so sweet in her pretty dress.
    Sorry to hear it hasn't been a great week - glad the beautiful rainbow gave you a lift, they are such a wonder.
    Not long now until you escape the cold! xx

  2. The view of a rainbow is always fascinating and you captured it so well! Have fun with the pretty demoiselle and I wish you a lovely week end !

  3. Opened my door yesterday and was instantly greeted by the rain-hitting-parched-earth smell that reminds me of childhood. That was quite cheering in an otherwise frustrating day.
    Have a great day with the little one - yippee for Fridays!

  4. How lovely to see the rainbow! We've had a little rain here but not enough for the garden which is bone dry even after all the snow, have a lovely weekend:)

  5. Rainbow's are magic arent they? Puts everything else into perspective.
    Lovely china, very elegant shapes and designs, such lovely ones as this are often hard to find these days.
    Hope you had a lovely day with your granddaughter - she looks so sweet!
    Gill xx

  6. I bet she keeps you on your toes Abby,....what a cutie!
    Julie x

  7. She is a real cutie pie isnt she? I had my granddaughter today but she wasnt up to her usual mischief- she is covered in spots (as yet we dont know what they are!) and we had a cuddle and dvd day!!

  8. Well after your rubbish week, an even bigger thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I hope that rainbow does bring your pot of gold though 10 minutes with that little cutie probably helps you as my precious grandsons do me. Have a better week.Jenny xx

  9. Hello Abby, I hope that rainbow brightened up your week? Your garden has a good bit of colour. All your new finds are lovely as is your granddaughter.
    Many thanks for visiting me. So sorry for my late reply. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, love Linda x

  10. Enjoyed your rainbow! Have a lovely (busy) time with the little one xxx

  11. Your post brightened my day how sweet is that smile and all your china with a rainbow on top...bliss! Heidi

  12. You would LOVE this cafe we've now got in Leamington Spa called 'Vinteas'. My daughter-in-law was almost fainting with pleasure while we were in there having Assam out of china cups surrounded by giant pink meringues and flowered wallpaper.