Thursday, 18 November 2010

Busy, busy..............and waiting.....

Busy the last couple of days putting old clay flower pots, oasis flower foam (oooh, I hate the squeaky sensation when you cut it....), candles and thrifted, artificial - sorry! - foliage together -

I made them to sell on my stall, but then woke up early the other morning and started panicking about someone's house burning down (over Christmas, small children, etc..... do you have those sort of half-awake nightmares? or is it just me!) and it being my fault ('the fire started with a Christmas candle decoration which consisted of highly flammable artificial materials.....police are seeking a stall-holder in the Ludlow area....).  So I've put some tags on saying 'decoration only' - duh, that'll help.

(please ignore un-hoovered carpet)

Got a plain wreath too - and jazzed it up -

I found these pretty dangly decorations in a charity shop too - 

They're about 6 inches long - I've got a glam friend who'd wear them as ear-rings!

Got round to painting a plain shelf I got last week too - 

(in our hall, or on the stall.....not sure yet!)

And made some stuffed birds from IKEA fabric (£1.99 a metre!!!!!!) - 

I've also been admiring my two (TWO) new kettles - I don't know how this happened (;0 ) , but we needed a new kettle for the (as yet half-built) new kitchen. This lovely (well, I love it) one was 25% off in Debenhams sale online -
and this one was reduced in TK Maxx (rude not to buy, I thought....) -

(Of course, one's electric and one's for a gas cooker........does that justify the purchases?   No, thought not!)

Found this lovely notice-board today too - amongst the chaos that is our cellar! Bought it ages ago from a shop that was closing down. The pins are like little birds' eggs - very cute!

And the dolls and teddies are waiting for new grand-daughter (due a week today!) -

Have a good day :)


  1. I'm loving all your crafting - I wouldnt worry about the candles - my daughter made one and we accidentally set fire to it - and it wasnt artificial greenery so people do have to be reponsible for their own candles !! Hope your grandaughter arrives today XXX

  2. The old 'do not leave burning candles unattended' sign should cover you! Congrats on the new granddaughter - hope it all goes as smoothly as possible!

  3. Love what you've done with the foliage - and no your not alone waking up in the middle of the night worrying - I do the same! People should apply commonsense but you've covered yourself with the tag.

  4. Wow you are busy! I love your painted shelf and the noticeboard too - fancy forgetting about such a lovely noticeboard!!
    I hope you don't have too many nights of worrying about other people's houses!
    Denise x

  5. I know what you mean about half-awake nightmares! You can't legislate or label against stupidity I'm afraid! Love all your crafts; haven't you been busy!

  6. You have been busy Love the flower pots and the kettles!

  7. I love the table decorations. I hate that squeaky noise too when you cut oasis, sets my teeth right on edge. You must be so excited about the new arrival! x ruthie

  8. Hi there thanks for popping by. you have been very busy and I agree with the other comments. If you're going to use real candles then you have got to take responsibility yourself. We have a small grandson and tho I love candles have opted for the battery operated type this year. Can light my stairway now, which I wouldn't do with real candles even if we were on our own. Just saw your previous post. Love the pictures. I will be back again

  9. Your teapots are beautiful too! I love the decorations you have been making in the pots. So lovely. I laughed about your fire story...and yes I find myself worrying over things like that as well. Hopefully people will use good sense.
    Your blog is beautiful. Thank you so much for the sweet comment.

  10. Thank You for you thoughtful comment
    Cate x

  11. I always love visiting you to see what lovelies you have found.

    Your clay pots are beautiful..your home must be sooooo lovely.

    Thank you for your well wishes that you left me concerning my teeth...once this is all over it will be time for a celebration indeed. xoxoxox

    Happy weekend

  12. Thank you for visiting and leaving me a message about my latest purchses. The candle decorations look very festive. i see you are a bit of a charity shop shopper too!
    Lisa x

  13. I love what you did with the Ikea fabric, and that green kettle is just wonderful!