Saturday, 27 November 2010

Red sky at night, shepherds delight................

Lovely red sky tonight, as I walked back from town -

( A flurry of snow here, but no deep drifts..........)


To cheer myself up, living with the building work that's going on (no kitchen currently...), I bought a couple of things (retail therapy - always works for me - I'm easily pleased!).  A new duvet cover - pretty embroidered paisley pattern on it - 

and some mugs from Morrisons

and - er - two tea-cosies.....I know, I know......two! - couldn't make my mind up - 

(I actually really liked the cardboard teapot shape they came with!)


re the building work - still lots to do inside, but the outside is nearly done (think New England) - 

View out of the extension / down the garden / across the meadows (taken a few months ago) -

Current view of the garden! - 

And STILL no grand-daughter!

Sunday morning now : Tried to post this yesterday, but Mr Blog seemed to be on strike - going to try again now. Up at this ridiculous hour on a Sunday morning, as I'm doing a stall at the Hereford Castle Green Christmas Fair, which is OUTSIDE!!! - in a marquee, admittedly (oh, that'll be good then, a thin flap of fabric between me and Siberia!). Should be jolly in fact - lots of good stalls / music / food......come along if you're anywhere near (10-4).


  1. very nice buys the duvet cover is lovely and I love your extension it looks so pretty good luck at the fair I think multiple layers of thermals are needed
    xx fee

  2. Love the duvet cover. You are very brave indeed to venture out in this lot let alone man a stall all day!!! Good luck. xxx

  3. Just think how lovely all will look...your back yard view is stunning!

    I love your cheer up treasures you found!!!

    Thank you for your sweet comments...I do love lemon pie and you are so right...very bad for the teeth...wish me luck tomorrow is my big dentist day.....I will be glad to have it behind me.

    Hope your week is filled with JOY.

  4. Hate to spoil the genteel tone of this lovely post, but my son used to say, 'Red sky at night, shepherd's delight, red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning, minced lamb and mashed potatoes, shepherd's pie'. It made me laugh every time and still does. Hope you didn't freeze at the fair. Are you quite sane?

  5. Oh the view from your garden has made me quite envious indeed ! Beautiful. And what great photos of the landscape, I love the silver birch tree it is so festive, isn't it?
    Thank you for popping by and for your lovely comments,
    Hope today when really well !
    D x

  6. I saw the name of your blog on Tracey's post and was sure I would love to follow it. And I am so happy that I came here for a visit. I lived in England a long time ago and tea time is something so special. The duvet cover is lovely and so is everything else here.--Inger

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I love your embroidered paisley duvet cover, the colours are really pretty.
    Ann x

  8. What a gorgeous post. Love all your purchases, especially the duvet cover. Builders do take up rather more room than you imagined, don't they? Hope the Fair went well and that you get to meet your grand-daughter soon!

  9. I like the look of your extension...most definitely New England exciting.... bet you have loads of ideas for the interior and can't wait to get going!
    Julie x

  10. I love that garden photo. Oh dear!

    We have LOTS of snow here (in Edinburgh) - yuck - and the college that I work in is closed for the day - hurray!!

  11. Thats a mighty extension - itll all look fab when its done. Loved your last couple of posts - Dont wish too hard for snow! xxxxxx

  12. Beautiful photos! And your home and garden are lovely. I envy you that view. We completely remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, and so I know what it's like living in the middle of construction and without a kitchen--not fun!

  13. I imagine you are knee deep in snow now - what a lovely view you have - just dreamy in summer or winte - thanks for visiting my blog... it's taken me a while to return the favour! Ann x

  14. Thank you for your comment, how was your fair? (loved the comment you made about having a thin piece of fabric between you and Siberia).. that was me at Shepton Mallet the weekend before last!

  15. I am with you all the way on the building work, we are just one step ahead of youthe kitchen is sort of in but no floors, half an en suite and its too cold to finish the outside!
    keep thinking about the end I say!