Monday, 1 November 2010

Today's delights...........

Had a good 'ferreting' day - found some delights!

A mug and a jug -

A pretty blue set of china -

A child's chair - which I've just painted :) -

Some pretty little rose cups and saucers - 

A gorgeous green glass bowl set -

and two other cute jugs -

I'll be taking all these to Ludlow Antiques / Flea market on Sunday (7th).

Been trying to sort out my 'workroom' too, but not very successfully -

Still a bit of a mess, but better than it was!!    The room is in the cellar and has steps leading to a velux window -



  1. Hello, didn’t you do well, I love the jugs!

    What I would do to have a good rummage in your workroom.

    Love Lou xxx

  2. your workroom looks VERY tidy compared to mine!!
    Ted commented what was the point in putting carpet down because you can't see an inch of floorspace. I think thats a slight exageration...well on 2nd thought maybe not!

  3. Love the green glass bowls - good luck with the fair!

  4. Hi, really love all your finds, especially the first pic with the cottage paintings, and also the jug with the lady in the dress. Your workroom looks like a little treasure trove! :) Sarah

  5. What have been busy...I love your blue set of china...sigh!

    Happy day hugs my friend. xoxo

  6. That is a tidy should see mine! I'm surprised I know where to find things at times....
    Julie x

  7. Actually, it's just an artfully taken photo (of my workroom)! - all the mess pushed behind me!! And since the picture was taken......:( !!