Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Getting plastered...................

Getting plastered here.......   No, I'm not hitting the mulled wine (yet) - the plasterers are here, starting to plaster the extension. Oh, yes, the end is (sort of) nigh.... Having to wait in just now, as IKEA are supposed to be delivering the kitchen. I really want to get out there and take photos - snow here!   We had a light sprinkling yesterday -

Snowy patterns -

But, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - so I braved the elements and hit the charity shops! Bargains don't find themselves!  Some good finds -

Love this ceramic lemon squeezer :) -

and this cup is huge! -

Some candlesticks -

and a plain jug -

So worth getting wet feet!!


And this fellow and his friends - 

are getting so bored (he looks bored, doesn't he?!) waiting for grand-daughter - 

(mind you if I was in somewhere warm and cosy, I wouldn't want to come out into this cold world!). Daughter to be induced on Thursday.....

Have a good week; keep safe in the snow!


  1. Love the blue Berylware jug & the snowy piccies! xx

  2. oh my good luck with Thursday....quite a Christmas present!!

  3. Love the photographs and good luck for Thursday, that will be a wonderful Christmas present.
    Jo xx

  4. Oh well, once the baby's born, you have all kinds of receptacles to swig the sherry from!

  5. I love charity shops, such treasures. Good luck on Thursday!!! xxx

  6. how exciting...waiting for a granddaughter!!!

    Good luck Thursday my friend. xoxoxoxxo

  7. Love the lemon squeezer - talking of squeezing, good luck to your daughter on Thursday ;)

  8. oh what goodies well worth braving the elements for I love the lemon squeezer best. I bet Thursday cant come quick enough .
    xx fee

  9. hello, what beautiful things you've found!
    Even here it snowed, but the rain has
    taken away the snow.
    Good luck to your daughter on Thursday.
    A hug Susy

  10. Lovely pics, good luck to you all for Thursday x

  11. Lovely photos, I feel your kitchen-free pain! x

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.
    I love your wintery photos an your lovely finds, especially the Beryl Ware jug!

  13. Good luck for your daughter! I’m sat here eating my bread and butter pudding! ;0)

    I love the lemon squeezer!

    Beautiful pictures….. Love Lou xxx

  14. Lovely to catch up a little on your blog, to see how your building work is proceeding (love the New England exterior!), hear about the exciting imminent arrival of your grandchild, see your fabulous hand-made children's bags, enjoy your finds and lots more!

    Thank you SO much for all your kind words of excitement - they really warm my soul!

    Warm regards,
    Helena, The Swenglish Home

  15. A new baby where have I been thats so exciting will this be your first grandbaby?
    I loved your juicer too!