Monday, 15 November 2010

A woody walk today................

It was a beautiful morning here today - heavy frost, then sunny and bright.  Went for a walk in the woods - 

Saw lots of squirrels, but none of them wanted to have their photo taken ;)


Took this pic the other day on a Thai food stall in the local market - a carved melon  :-)


Went to a 'Lakeland' shop recently, in Cheltenham - had only seen the catalogue previously, not been in a shop. Heavens, what a lot of gadgets for things that I usually use a knife or a spoon for!   I got these paper bags to put tealights in -  - they're for outside, but it was cold and rainy, so I took the pic inside! -

They give a nice glow. And a nice glow is what I need, so off to get a G + T!!


  1. I love the colours of Autumn...and those tea light holders are great. I'll come and join you for a G&T please!!
    Jo xx

  2. Me and lemon please....
    Julie x

  3. Your walk looks lovely my friend....

    These paper bags will be soooo adorable outside with tealights.

    Hugs my sweet friend. xoxoxo

  4. Great walk. Pour me a G&T and we'll discuss who Colin Firth belongs to! (I think he may prefer the young, gorgeous Italian Michela though!) xxxx

  5. Love those bags X The woodland walk looks beautiful - might do the same today

  6. what lovely pictures.... am feeling the urge to go for a walk now!!

  7. Hi there, thanks for your comment on my blog. I love looking in the Lakeland shops although I never buy much as I can usually manage with a wooden spoon and a whisk! Those paper lanterns are very pretty. The photos of your walk are lovely:)

  8. Just found your blog this morning. Its gorgeous, and im love those paper laterns, they are so cute.

    House Mouse x x x

  9. I hope you enjoyed your glow ;-)
    Lovely photos of the woodland and so atmospheric too.
    Happy days to you,
    D xx
    Lakeland : hmmm ... we have a shop in Bath and though there are some lovelies like your paper bag lanterns, I can't help but wonder how big one's kitchen needs to be to hold all those gadgets they produce which knives/spoons can do just as well !!

  10. Hello!
    thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I love the photos from your walk, been a right old grey day here so it was a welcome sight!