Friday, 5 November 2010

I'm dreaming of a green kitchen..........

Having an extension built at the back of the house - new kitchen / dining / sitting room areas - and it won't be ready 'til Christmas (hopefully by then!), but allowing myself to 'dream' about it today!

Have ordered a Ramsjo (black / brown) kitchen and two of these sofas from IKEA - (stored in our garage - we'll have the fun of assembling them sometime!)
And I've been collecting 'things' to go in the sitting room - like this pot, picture and little bird -

And these cushions :) -

And this wrapping paper -

Which might work as lining paper in this dresser -

Of course, this is all a bit premature - !! -

But I can dream!!


Random charity shop purchase yesterday - wings! - :)

Have a good weekend!


  1. Exciting times ahead...a new kitchen/diner/sitting room. It will be your favourite place in the house I am sure when it is all finished.
    Love your angels wings...what a great find!
    Julie x

  2. Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments. I love the picture you have collected and the angel wings! What a thing to turn up in a charity shop!!! x

  3. Love the dresser and the colour theme you've got going with your purchases. It's amazing what you find in charity shops now!

  4. you have got to have a vision when you live in a building site! Been there & done that! Have a great weekend. Lizzie x

  5. It will be beautiful...I adore the colours...those pillows are so lovely.

    Love those wings my friend....hugs for a great weekend. xoxoxo

  6. It is tough living on a building site (we have just experienced that one!!) I always say never again and then go and do it all again. It will look lovely when it is finished and I bet you will find you spend most of your time in there.
    Jo xx

  7. Wings! Always a nice choice ;)

    I love all of these pictures.
    I love birds!

    hope to hear from you~

  8. Hello, I saw that you have lots of little things like vintage
    me and you do the market of Ludlow, who knows that it is not
    find you.
    Thank you for your comments, I look a bit 'crazy?
    Susy a hug

  9. Love the colours. The anticipation is often the best bit! xxxxx

  10. Hi, hope you eventually got some sleep last night, insted of blogging you should have laid some bricks, so your lovely extension will be ready for Christmas LOL! love the wings , i dare you to wear them when you do your big christmas food shop!!! it would so brighten up tescos, other suppermarkets are available, thanks for stopping by my little blog! Linda xx

  11. Hi, Linda - I was awake for about 2 hours, in the early hours - then finally got off to sleep, before being woken up by the builders!! Love the wings / Christmas shopping idea - I might even do that! Certainly supermarkets at Christmas are place that need a bit of cheer - I'm always astonished at the amounts people buy!