Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Can you fall in love with a tablecloth?

Can you fall in love with a tablecloth?  A rhetorical question, for me anyway, as I'm in love with this beauty! -

It's huuuge!!  And such beautiful embroidery -

It was a grey day yesterday when I took photos - and clearly my ironing skills aren't up to much!, but you get the idea of the loveliness of this cloth, I hope.....

Such a lot of hard work someone put in sometime....



A friend recently gave me an orchid in a pot - I have to say I'm not a big fan of orchids, as they're rather 'static' flowers, but there's no denying they're beautiful - 



  1. Stangely yes I have fallen in love with a table cloth - If you look in my archives in April 2009 I feature it. I bought it in a cheap antiques shop and it said that it had been embroidered during the war in an air raid shelter in Chatham docks - so I fell in love with its history too. xxxxx

  2. It's lovely must have taken ages to make. I agree about the Orchid much better growing wild.
    Cate x

  3. Hi, Diane - just looked at your tablecloth - very sweet - and lovely to know the history of its making :)

  4. I'm with you on the orchid although I can see their beauty..... the tablecloth is utterly divine though, just add cake!!

  5. Oh yes, you most definitely can fall in love with a tablecloth (or anthing really)! It is stunning.

  6. hello Tea time.

    Oh the time before tv and technology, how creative everyone was!


  7. It's lovely,and nice to find a new blog too!

  8. Thanks for visiting me! I completely agree about orchids, I tend to feel they are quite 'plastic' and not very real somehow. Very pretty tho'. Julie

  9. Your cloth is amazing...I love it...see i can fall in love with it too.

    Hugs. xxoo

  10. I agree with you about orchids. I, too, love the tablecloth and your green glass bowls.