Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Rat was on the river bank, singing a little song........

On the way back from town recently, I stopped by the large pond where there are ducks. Idly standing there, watching the ducks, I realised there were other creatures in the water - quite a few of these - (not very good pics - they were fast!) -

Rats?  Water voles? -

As Ratty sang in Wind in the Willows -

"All along the backwater,
Through the rushes tall,
Ducks are a-dabbling,
Up tails all!
Ducks' tails, drakes' tails,
Yellow feet a-quiver,
Yellow bills all out of sight
Busy in the river! "
Good and sunny for a while today - hurrah! - some colour appearing in the garden -

Got a sweet teapot set yesterday -

And a teeny old suitcase -

- which Teddy thinks he'd like for his holidays -

(Though I haven't told him yet, but he does actually fit quite well IN the case.....) -

A cottage in a village down the road is being re-thatched - amazing it's still done -

Enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. Grrrrr...still -20 here. Nice suitcase. I can defiantly see the water rat?

  2. It's lovely to see spring flowers open in the sunshine...been dull and wet for us today. What a pretty tea set...and I adore your header picture!

  3. looks like a ratty to me....aren't water voles fatter?? I have a little suitcase just like that, not much good for traveling can bearly fit my smalls in it!! fine for a bear though x

  4. Absolutely love the tea set, I love Crinoline lady's. We've had awful weather today, can't wait for some warm sunshine. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jo xx

  5. Love the suitcase. Surely you could collect little river animals in that?

  6. Think it's a rat as it has quite a pointed nose! Love Tedddy in his case:) Your garden flowers are lovely.

  7. Mmm....I think it is a rat... too skinny for a water vole don't you think?
    Nice cottage...
    Julie x

  8. Oh how cute! My mum lives on the river bank and has rats, my dad wants to murder them but I say he will just make a vacancy for a new rat family! And they are so cute when they play together!!

  9. Thanks for doing that on daughter's blog. If I saw a rat I wouldn't be hanging around to take a photo, I absolutely flip at the sight or even thought of one! Isn't it lovely to see the flowers appearing in the garden? Love teddy's suitcase but I hope he's not thinking of leaving home.
    Ruth x

  10. aww sweet whatever he is ... we get field rats -I don't mind them too much. Rats have rather a bad reputation but my field rats are OK.

    Teddy looks oh so cute ! They still thatch where I live a bit.

  11. Love your finds, oh Momma those rats...I would have freaked out I'm petrified of any rodents.....we are so fortunate that we are at least rat free the whole state when one is spotted fish and wildlife is all over it!

  12. Love your garden flowers. Here is still cold and spring flowers will have to wait for better conditions.

  13. Wow--I'm amazed there's open water--where do you live?? A water rat would have to scurry along the top of the 2 foot thick ice ponds here. Love the tea pots. I collect tea pots that looks like vegetables.

  14. some good finds-including the rat!

  15. Great to see life emerging. I love teddy and his suitcase!

  16. Yikes, rats. Hate them. We've got ratty visitor who likes to cosy up with our rabbit! Love the teaset and teddy's new suitcase is so sweet.

  17. Love the china set you picked up, sweet little case too.
    Good to know the traditional craft of thatching is still in demand - hopefully wont die out.
    Love all your photos!
    Have a great day!

  18. I have bear envy.... though really, with a hug of about four dozen of my own, the smallest two inches, the largest (and oldest from my teens) being two foot sitting, I shouldn't crave any more bears. But yours is very cute.

  19. I always love everyone of your photos - so I am hoping its a water vole as I really dont like rats! xxx

  20. Ahhhhh! the cups with the lady
    in crinoline, the same as mine!
    Beautiful little house with the roof
    straw, here there are none, grrrrrrr!
    A hug
    ° ° SUSY

  21. Loved the teddybear! Must have a rummage - good for the soul! lol!

  22. The little suitcase is really sweet and I love the crinoline lady tea set.Your garden seems a little more advanced than mine although I noticed a few little crocuses appearing today.
    Ann x

  23. Ludlow Market?
    I live just down the road from you.
    Ludlow is my favourite town and I frequently post on my outing there.
    You'll see me some day soon, perhaps I'll let on . . .
    Are there any others close by that you know of?

  24. It has been so nice to see signs of Spring around blogland today! Thank you for sharing the photos of the thatched roof, I hadn't realized it would still be done. It's nice to see some of the older ways preserved.
    Teddy and his suitcase are quite a pair :)

  25. Thank you for looking at my blog and leaving your kind comments, I did tidy up before taking the photo's but missed the dust on the jelly moulds!
    LOVE Teddy in his little suitcase... so sweet.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Abby x

  26. Hello you, I love the suitcase! It looks like a rat to me...cute picture.

    Lou xxx

  27. Lovely spring flowers! Please don't put teddy in the suitcase - he'll get claustrophobic!!! x

  28. what a lovely post!

    I love seeing thatched cottages! as i live in the city, whenever i see one, i whip out my camera and take pic's, like a proper tourist!

    I adore the little suitcase too (and teddy!)


  29. Dont you just LOVE those little suitcases????

  30. Crocus and Christmas roses - such a wonderful time of the year. N x

  31. Hello, there. I love your teapot and your suitcase and I totally adore this post. Looking forward to following your lovely blog from now on.